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Heart Center

Dr. James O'Brien


One of the top pediatric cardiology and heart surgery programs in the nation, the Ward Family Heart Center performs more than 450 cardiac surgical procedures, provides more than 11,000 outpatient visits and performs catheterization and electrophysiology procedures on nearly 700 patients. Our outcomes regularly outperform the combined outcome averages of the 111 North American children's hospitals contributing to Society of Thoracic Surgeons National Congenital Heart Surgery Database. Through innovative research, we're at forefront of improving care for children here and around the world.


Dr. Wayne Moore


The Division of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes at Children's Mercy is one of the largest full-service programs in the country. Home to the first pediatric diabetes program accredited by the American Diabetes Association, we're also leaders in providing highly specialized services for children with intersex issues, Turner Syndrome, thyroid nodules and other diseases which impact the endocrine system. Through Trial-Net and other studies, we're conducting innovative research on diabetes prevention and its chronic complications; intersex issues and genetic imprinting; growth hormones; and islet transplantation survival and rejection.


Dr. Craig Friesen


Our Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology is nationally recognized for pioneering groundbreaking approaches in treatment and conducting research to improve the effectiveness of care for children with intestinal, liver and nutritional disorders. Our integrative medical-psychological treatment of chronic abdominal pain has resulted in 70-80 percent improvement in symptoms within six weeks, which is more than some programs see in a year. We're also conducting genetic testing and research to better understand disease progression and improve care for children with rare syndromes.


Dr. Stephen Kingsmore

Dr. Stephen Kingsmore

At the Center for Pediatric Genomic Medicine, we're going beyond simply performing genomic research; we're applying the results to routine pediatric care for improved diagnoses and outcomes. We created the NIH-funded STAT-Seq analysis, the fastest, clinical whole-genome sequencing test in the world and TaGSCAN, our novel clinical test that screens for more than 750 diseases of childhood that are a result of a single gene mutation. These innovations are the result of being fully integrated within a children's hospital, allowing for unprecedented collaboration with pediatric subspecialists to diagnose and treat childhood diseases.


Dr. William Truog


One of only 18 centers that are members of the NICHD Neonatal Research Network, our neonatology division is advancing the care of children with chronic lung disease, birth defects, or complications of prematurity. With more than 20 neonatologists, our level IV NICU, in partnership with our Elizabeth J. Ferrell Fetal Health Center, is able to provide care before, during and after delivery of infants with complex fetal anomalies. Innovative, research-based programs such as our Center for Infant Pulmonary Disorders and our Infant Home Ventilator Program are helping improve outcomes and enhance quality of life for infants.


Dr. Brad Warady


Ranked as one of the top programs in the country, our Division of Pediatric Nephrology is at the forefront of advancing care internationally. Our leadership in peritoneal dialysis and pediatric kidney transplant has produced outcomes significantly above the national average and consistently rank among the highest in the country. As the Midwest Clinical Coordinating Center for the NIH-funded Chronic Kidney Disease in Children study, we are leading the largest pediatric nephrology research study ever conducted in North America.


Dr. Doug Myers


Each year, the Division of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT) provides comprehensive care to nearly 2,000 children with childhood cancers, sickle cell disease, hemophilia and other blood disorders, with survival rates frequently above national averages. Advanced care is provided in our comprehensive cancer center, with 13 clinical and research-focused multispecialty programs. We're also committed to finding cures and improving treatment. Through the Children's Oncology Group and our Phase I and II Experimental Therapeutics program, we are participating in 80-100 trials at any given time, including several national trials led by our own investigators.

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