Physician Services

group photo

Physician Services Team

Back: Nancy Baker, Amy Hill, Morgan Berger, Melissa Kesner
Front: Ramona Lindsey, Michelle McMillan

The Physician Services Department at Children’s Mercy Hospital is staffed by physician liaisons and support personnel who connect community providers with the many programs and services offered throughout the hospital system. We provide a personal contact for you to answer questions, express concern or help in navigating one of our services.

Support Services

Each physician liaison is dedicated to a specific geographic area to support and become an expert in understanding the community need. We look forward to working with you and providing resources that help you access care for your patients! 

Online Resources

  • Provider Portal – A homepage for health care providers
  • Referral Toolkit – All of the steps and forms to access care for your patients
  • Education Opportunities – Conferences, Grand Rounds Online
  • Communications – Newsletters and Updates from your physician services team

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