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The Dialysis Program at Children's Mercy is dedicated to providing the highest quality of pediatric care to children with acute and chronic kidney disorders requiring renal replacement therapy with dialysis. We offer a nationally and internationally recognized end-stage renal disease program that is a leader in the clinical dialysis care of infants, children and adolescents and in the performance of dialysis related research designed to improve pediatric dialysis care.

Dialysis Staff

Members of the nephrology faculty served as editor and authors of the textbook, Pediatric Dialysis, and as members of the international writing committee of the Consensus Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Catheter-Related Infections and Peritonitis in Pediatric Patients Receiving Peritoneal Dialysis: 2012 Update.

Program Highlights

  • Our home hemodialysis program is one of the few programs in the nation designed specifically for pediatric patients.
  • We use social media programs to assist patients in adhering to their medical regimens.
  • Camp ChiMer is our nationally recognized and medically supervised summer camp for pediatric dialysis and transplant patients that has served patients from throughout our region of the country for 25 years. 
  • Our dialysis unit has nine treatment stations and is one of the largest dedicated pediatric dialysis units in the nation. 

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