Eating Disorders Center
Eating Disorders Center

The Eating Disorders Center at Children's Mercy provides specialized outpatient services to children, adolescents, and young adults using a family-based approach, for the evaluation and treatment of eating disorders. We address the full scope of symptoms that can accompany an eating disorder.

Eating Disorder Center Staff

Children's Mercy focuses on the complex medical, psychological, and nutritional issues that contribute to an eating disorder. Our approach to wellness includes setting positive goals for nutritional health and body image, enhancing coping skills, and establishing a treatment plan for achieving and maintaining recovery. 

Program Highlights

  • Our comprehensive team includes specialists in adolescent medicine, child and adolescent psychiatry, psychology, nutrition, and social work.
  • We use a family-centered approach that incorporates the role of the family and support system in the treatment process.
  • Our research-based program involves approaches to care proven to be most effective in treating eating disorders.
  • Psychologists specialized in treating children and adolescents provide assessments for emotional and developmental factors that may contribute to eating disorders.
  • Family Based Treatment (FBT) is offered to adolescents and their families following a comprehensive medical evaluation to determine the most appropriate treatment course.

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