Center for Bioethics
Center for Bioethics

The Bioethics Center at Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics develops tools for clinicians and teachers to help analyze ethical issues in pediatrics.

Bioethics Center Highlights

Our program hosts webinars on a wide range of ethics topics, which feature presentations from nationally renowned speakers. We offer a brief introduction to the ethical issues, power point presentations, interviews with leading figures, and annotated list of references. We also provide links to reference materials and abstracts. All of the original materials can be used without permission. Please give us credit, though, and send colleagues our way. 

Pediatric Bioethics Certificate Program

We offer a nine-month pediatric bioethics certificate program. The program begins in September each year with an intensive three-day weekend on-site in Kansas City. For the rest of the program, students and faculty discuss assigned readings online and through periodic conference calls and webinars.

Ethics in Genomics

Children’s Mercy recently received a $5 million NIH grant for 50-hour genomic diagnosis in critically ill newborns. Genetic testing in children is ethically controversial. The NIH required that each grantee address the ethical, legal and social issues associated with such testing. The Bioethics Center will be working closely with our geneticists and neonatologists to study doctors’ and parents’ perceptions of the usefulness of such testing. We will also try to determine whether there are unrecognized risks or harms associated with genetic testing.

Fellowship Program

Through the generous support of the Claire Giannini Fund, we offer an annual, one-year fellowship in Pediatric Ethics and Genomics focusing on a mentored research project on an ethical issue in pediatric genomics. Michael Deem, PhD has received the fellowship for 2015-2016.

We will again be offering a one-year fellowship for 2016-2017. Information will be posted in the Fall of 2015.

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