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The Child Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship Program at Children's Mercy provides training as a Major Area of Study as defined by the Stages of Education and Training and Levels of Educational Opportunities approved by APA Council of Specialties in Professional Psychology (COSPP) for the specialty area of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (CAPP). Postdoctoral psychology graduates complete training in psychological assessment, treatment, and interdisciplinary consultation and collaboration in the context of a dedicated pediatric academic health care environment. By providing the highest-quality supervision and training, the program aims to facilitate advanced clinical and professional skills to prepare postdoctoral fellows for successful careers as psychologists in a chosen setting.

Program goals 

In order to support our program philosophy, the following represent the student’s training goals:

  • Learn how to assess and conceptualize psychological functioning in a diverse range of children and adolescents presenting problems.

  • Gain experience in the provision of effective psychological intervention.

  • Gain clinical experience in the practice of consultation and interprofessional/interdisciplinary, and system-based practice.

  • Demonstrate understanding of individual and cultural diversity and apply ethical and legal standards.

  • Evaluate and incorporate research into clinical and professional practice.

Program opportunities 

The psychology training program aims to provide an integrated, individually tailored, balanced, and coordinated series of learning experiences that will serve the aspiring professional psychologist with opportunities to:

  • Practice and expand on previously held knowledge and learned skills.

  • Develop new skills and knowledge.

  • Experience personal and professional growth, contributing to the emergence of a competent, scientist/practitioner professional psychologist.

  • Gain a working knowledge of the pediatric medical community.

Training experience

Fellows have the opportunity to individualize their training experience and will create individualized training plans.

Psychology Training Model and Philosophy

The Children’s Mercy Training Program follows a "Scientist Practitioner" training model.

Message from the Directors of Clinical Training

This program is designed for the student who is interested in an intensive program in a fast-paced pediatric setting. 

Educational Experiences

Learn more about the curriculum, including didactics, courses, and workshops.


Learn more about the locations for the Psychology Training Programs.

Faculty and Trainees

Meet the team of faculty and trainees for the Child Psychology Training program.