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For the Psychology Training Programs

The training program is located within the Division of Developmental and Behavioral Health in the Department of Pediatrics. The Developmental and Behavioral Health clinic is an on-site, hospital-based multidisciplinary clinic. This location provides the trainee with a wide variety of professional experiences in a major children's hospital. Children’s Mercy offers all areas of subspecialty care currently recognized in the field of pediatrics and serves patients from a variety of socioeconomic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.

The Division of Developmental and Behavioral Health's primary location is housed at the Adele Hall campus in a suite of offices on the fourth floor of the Children's Mercy's Outpatient Center in downtown Kansas City. Our office suite houses staff and faculty members, psychology fellows, interns, practicum students, pediatric residents, psychiatry residents, and developmental pediatric fellows. Trainees have a desk with file space, phone, and laptop computer. 

In addition to the Adele Hall campus, we also have a full-time clinic at the Children's Mercy's College Boulevard Campus located in Overland Park, Kansas, approximately twenty minutes south of the main campus. In addition to the College Boulevard Developmental and Behavioral Health Clinic, the Children's Mercy Kansas location is home to the ADHD Clinic and Eating Disorders Clinic. Members of our division are also represented at the North campus and Broadway campus.

Trainees gain experience with the many assessment devices routinely used in our clinic. Tests of global functioning as well as more specialized tests for evaluating specific areas of functioning are used to assess children in the clinic. The hospital utilizes an electronic medical record. Trainees receive education and support in effective use of such record keeping and related ethical issues. Children's Mercy maintains a medical library with excellent access to library resources from both the University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC) Library and the University of Kansas Medical Center Library. Trainees have electronic access to library services and databases from their work computer.