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The Pediatric Optometry Residency Program at Children's Mercy Kansas City provides qualified optometrists with advanced clinical education in the diagnosis and management of eye and vision problems encountered in pediatric eye care. These include, but are not limited to: amblyopia, strabismus, ocular pathology, refractive errors, developmental delays and premature birth.

The Pediatric Optometry Residency is based in the Section of Ophthalmology at Children's Mercy Kansas City.

The section includes three clinic locations, five pediatric ophthalmologists, one pediatric ophthalmology fellow, two ophthalmology residents, six pediatric optometrists, one optometric resident and two optometric student externs.

The primary objectives of the residency are to increase the resident's examination techniques and skills in seeing pediatric patients, including infants, toddlers and older children (up to age 21 years).

The patients' conditions include: premature birth, aphakia, trauma, strabismus, amblyopia and routine refractive errors. Emphasis on developing a treatment plan for these conditions and following their progress is promoted. Recognizing conditions that are amblyogenic, such as ptosis, anisometropia and strabismus is also emphasized. 

The residency is affiliated with the University of Missouri - St Louis College of Optometry, and is more oriented toward advanced pediatric primary care. 

In addition to the clinic duties, the resident is required to attend lectures, present journal articles at quarterly journal club and participate in "Residency Days" at UMSL with a case report presentation. 

Clinical Experience

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Faculty and Residents

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Academic Curriculum

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