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HearPlay™ App Reviews

"The HearPlay app made testing my 3-year-old patient super fast and easy! I was also able to perform in-situ testing on her hearing aid very easily and ensure a more appropriate fitting of her hearing aid."

Hilary T. Schmidt, AuD, CCC-A
Pediatric Audiologist



“I used the HearPlay app with a patient who was on the cusp of play conditioning and conventional audiometry. Since I was the sole audiologist available to test this patient, the app was invaluable! I was able to complete the full hearing evaluation without trouble and provide accurate information for the patient, family and other medical professionals assisting in this patient’s overall care. Using the app also reduces time after the appointment because there are only two iPads to clean, rather than all the little toys that typically come with play conditioning!”

Lori C. Yaktine, AuD, CCC-A, ABAC, Pediatric Audiologist