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Pediatric Surgery
Pediatric Surgery

Children's Mercy's core Pediatric Surgery Training Program was one of the first residency training programs established in pediatric surgery. The program was established in 1975 under the direction of Dr. Raymond A. Amoury. Dr. Amoury was the Surgeon-In-Chief and Director of the Pediatric Surgery Residency Training Program from 1975 to 1992. During that time, the residency program became nationally and internationally known due to the efforts of Dr. Amoury, Dr. Tom Holder and Dr. Keith Ashcraft.

In 1988, the residency program changed from one resident every two years to one resident each year and has remained at that level. When Dr. Amoury retired in 1992, Dr. Keith Ashcraft became Surgeon-In-Chief of the hospital and Director of the Pediatric Surgery Training Program until his retirement. At that time, Dr. George W. Holcomb, III, became Surgeon-In-Chief and Director of the Pediatric Surgery Training Program.

In 2012, Dr. Shawn St. Peter became the Director of the Pediatric Surgery Training Program.

We also have a Surgical Critical Care Training Program which was established in 1998. Dr. David Juang serves as Director of the Surgical Critical Care Program.

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