Create a Legacy

Create a Legacy

Make the Greatest Difference in the Lives of Kids in Need

Leverage the transformational power of giving to help thousands of kids in need today, tomorrow and for years to come.

You can help Children’s Mercy — a nonprofit hospital — continue to care for future generations through the best pediatric medical care in our region, world-class research and leading-edge treatment.

Your committed support makes it all possible.

Give a gift that transforms lives and strengthens our community. Explore ways you can create a legacy below.

How to Create Your Legacy

Join the Kaleidoscope of Care

Kaleidoscope of Care

Invest in the transformative care Children’s Mercy provides with an annual commitment of $1,000 or more and receive special benefits only for society members!

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Create an Endowment

Create an Endowment

Ensure children receive the best possible treatment and care at Children’s Mercy — today, tomorrow and for years to come.

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Explore Gift Planning

Explore Gift Planning

Provide hope and healing for kids in need through a lasting gift. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can talk to you about how gift planning transforms lives.

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Your Impact

Passion with a Purpose


Montie and Marge Tripp’s grandson, Brendan, was born with liver disease. He received a liver transplant when he was 10 at Children’s Mercy. Montie says, “Brendan’s team was skilled, caring, compassionate and simply phenomenal!” Brendan is now an accomplished runner and singer in high school and, most importantly, healthy. The Tripps have given back to Children’s Mercy in a variety of ways, including supporting nursing scholarships, the chaplaincy program, building expansions and equipment upgrades, and funding a Liver Care Chair – a major giving commitment so advances can be made in liver care. Their advice: “Make the hospital aware of your giving plans … there are so many ways to make a difference.”

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Solomon’s Legacy


Solomon passed away before Children’s Mercy knew of his generous bequest to the hospital. He must have understood that investing in the health and well-being of children is the best way to create a legacy that will ensure future generations can reach their fullest potential. While we may never know the reason behind Solomon’s gift, or his heartwarming connection to the hospital, we do know his generosity will transform lives for years to come.

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