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Research Faculty and Staff
Research Faculty and Staff

Michael  Artman
Joyce C. Hall Distinguished Professor; Senior Vice President, Pediatrician-in-Chief; Executive Director of Research, Children's Mercy Hospital; Chair, Department of Pediatrics, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine; Chair, Department of Pediatrics, University of Kansas School of Medicine; President of the Association of Medical School Pediatric Department Chairs (AMSPDC); Professor of Pediatrics, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine

Research Integrity

Ryan McDowell, M.S., CIP, PMP
Email: rmcdowell@cmh.edu

Germaine Hughes-Waters, CIP
IRB Manager/IRB Coordinator II
Email: glhughes@cmh.edu

Amanda Bierstine, CIP
Reciprocity Manager/IRB Coordinator I
Email: ajbierstine@cmh.edu

Julie Weiss, Post Approval Monitoring Manager
Email: jweiss1@cmh.edu

Pamela Garner
Office Manager
Email: pjgarner@cmh.edu

Daniel Crabtree
IRB Coordinator I

Charrese Daniel
Administrative Assistant III
Email: cdaniel1@cmh.edu

Saskia Derritt, CIP
IRB Coordinator II
Email: sbderritt@cmh.edu

Ashley Johnson
IRB Coordinator I
Email: anjohnson2@cmh.edu

Melanie Moffat, CIP
IRB Coordinator I
Email: mjmoffat@cmh.edu

Research Business Operations

Scott Gage 
Senior Director, Business Development & Research Administration
Email: sfgage@cmh.edu

Terri Evans
Director, Restricted Fund Accounting
Email: tsevans@cmh.edu

Anita Kobe
Office Manager
Email: alkobe@cmh.edu

Gina Brown, JD
Manager, Research Administration Contracts
Email: gmbrown@cmh.edu

Kelly Mason, PhD
Manager, Grants Administration
Email: kmmason@cmh.edu

Mike Venneman, RN, MSN, MBA-HCM, CCRC
Manager, Clinical Research Operations and Development
Email: mvenneman@cmh.edu

Jaylene Weigel, RN, MSN, MBA-HCM, CCRC, CPN
Manager, Clinical Research Operations and Development
Email:  jweigel@cmh.edu

Kelly Dickerson
Manager, Research Education
Email: kdickerson@cmh.edu

Candice Foster
Grants Administrator
Email: cafoster@cmh.edu

Carla Keller
Grants Specialist
Email:  cdkeller@cmh.edu

Elizabeth (Liz) Meng
Manager, Budget & Billing Analyst
Email:  etmeng@cmh.edu

Dana Good, JD
Contracts Analyst
Email:  dngood@cmh.edu

Eric Foss
Contract Analyst-Research
Email: ewfoss@cmh.edu

Teresa Maag
Budget & Billing Analyst-Research
Email: tamaag@cmh.edu

Sarah Kluesener
Manager, Research & Grants Accounting
Email: skluesener@cmh.edu

Diana Schwien
Asst. Manager, Research & Grants Accounting
Email: dlschwien@cmh.edu

Rebecca Fanning
Senior Research & Grants Accountant
Email: rdfanning@cmh.edu

Lori Hildebrandt
Clinical Trials Financial Management Supervisor
Email: lhildebrandt@cmh.edu

Pamela Cuezze
Accountant, Research & Grants
Email: pmcuezze@cmh.edu

Libby Hinrichs
Research & Grants Accounting Associate
Email: elhinrichs@cmh.edu

Sandra Walker
Accountant, Research & Grants
Email: sswalker@cmh.edu

Patrice Cavlovich
Accountant, Research & Grants
Email: pmcavlovich@cmh.edu

Sean Bender
Administrative Assistant II
Email: swbender@cmh.edu

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