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Endowed Funds Endowment Giving
Endowed Funds Endowment Giving

Endowment Gifts Transform Lives

What if your charitable gift could transform pediatric healthcare both in your lifetime and for generations to come? With endowed giving, you can forever be a part of the future of pediatric medicine, ensuring that children receive the best possible treatment and care at Children’s Mercy … today and tomorrow.

Endowments are permanent funds designed to last in perpetuity. The principal is invested, and a portion of the fund is distributed every year to support a donor’s area of interest.
The power of an endowment is in its versatility, continuity, and collective power. Gifts are preserved in perpetuity, with the funds pooled for maximum benefit and invested to achieve long-term growth, growing more potent with time. Endowed gifts become part of a permanent hospital endowment and are a legacy benefiting and sustaining our communities well into the future.

Over time, a gift of endowment can transform lives and communities in ways that we can only imagine! 
The beauty of endowment funds is that they provide both short-term support and long-term stability for Children’s Mercy. Endowed funds immediately begin generating revenue to support programs, research and education. A steady and reliable stream of resources year after year allows us to focus on what we do best – providing the highest level of clinical and psychosocial pediatric care to patients throughout the region.
Our goal at Children’s Mercy is to grow our endowment. A larger endowment will strengthen our on-going capacity to add the programs and professional and technical resources we need to support generations of patients and doctors. Ultimately, a larger endowment allows Children’s Mercy to forever transform the lives of children, their families and the entire community.

Giving a Lasting Gift for Children

An endowment can guarantee that a vast array of programs that matter to children will always be available. Programs like the Family Support Program, which provides comprehensive support to patients and families confronted with the challenges of having a child in the hospital, are not reimbursed by insurance and would be unfunded if not for philanthropy.

By creating an endowed fund at Children’s Mercy you are protecting the programs and services that make Children’s Mercy special, while securing a bright future for children here and all over the world. Your generous endowment gift helps us provide the best available treatment to children and advances discoveries that have the potential to transform millions of lives for years to come. Thank you.

We look forward to assisting you. To learn more about how to create your endowment at Children’s Mercy, please contact us at The Office of Philanthropy at 816-346-1300.

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