Community Benefit

Community Benefit – Connecting Children to Quality Care

Children’s Mercy has been blessed to receive outstanding support from our community since our earliest days and we have been giving back to the community in a wide and varied number of ways over the past century, as well. Since 2010, we have documented the many ways in which we provide benefit back to the children and families of our community. These efforts are considered "Community Benefit" as they address a documented community need and meet at least one of the following objectives:

  1. Improve access to health care services
  2. Enhance health of the community
  3. Advance medical or health care knowledge
  4. Relieve/reduce the burden of government/other community efforts

Helping the Community

Since our founding in 1897, Children’s Mercy has provided state-of-the-art, quality health for every child in our region who needs us, regardless of the family’s inability to pay. And in 2012, that total included Charity Care, Unreimbursed Medicaid/Other Government Programs and Subsidized Health Services (our cost to provide the care was higher than the payment we received for that care) – a total of more than $100 million. Our community benefits also included providing pediatric education for the physicians, nurses and other health care professionals of the future, as well as the work we’re doing in pediatric medical research, and additional work with organizations in our community.

Each year, Children’s Mercy is committed to improving the health status of children and families and commits valuable resources to accomplish this. In 2013, we contributed approximately 20 percent of our operating budget toward community benefit programs totaling $176,129,848 that supported 645,885 people. These consist of the following categories:


2013 Community Benefit Chart-01

For more information, read our 2012 Community Benefit Report (pdf).

Previously Reported Community Benefit

2011 (pdf)
2010 (pdf)

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