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How to Apply



You can locate our Graduate Nurse application by following this link to our Careers page and searching for the “Introductory Staff Nurse” job posting. When completing you application, it will consist of two parts.

Part 1: The actual application. You will find “click here to apply now” at the bottom of the “Introductory Staff Nurse” job posting. The Introductory Staff Nurse application will allow you to rank your top three areas of interest, with one being the highest level of interest and three being the lowest.

We hire GN’s in a variety of areas (depending on the number of available openings) including:

  • Ambulatory Clinics

  • Emergency Department

  • Operating Room

  • PICU


  • NICU

  • 4 West – Burn Unit/Inpatient

  • 4 Henson - Hematology/Oncology Inpatient

  • 4 Sutherland - Cardiology Inpatient

  • 5 Henson - Infectious Disease Inpatient

  • 5 Sutherland - Rehabilitation and Renal Inpatient

  • 6 Henson - Endocrine/Pulmonology/Neurology Inpatient

  • 6 Hall - Orthopedic Inpatient

  • Children's Mercy Hospital Kansas Inpatient

Part 2: The video interview. You will find the link to complete a video interview in the “Introductory Staff Nurse” job posting. Whether you are interested in Med Surg positions or Critical Care, you will need to complete the first 1-4 questions in the video. If you are interested in Critical Care positions, please complete questions 5-8. If you are not interested in Critical Care positions, please state ‘I am not interested in Critical Care positions’ as your response to questions 5-8. You must complete the video in its entirety in order for the video to be submitted for consideration alongside your application.

**Note: Your application will not be processed until we receive both the application and the video interview(s)** 


  • Apply only to the job posting titled “Introductory Staff Nurse” as this is the only job posting for RNs with less than one year of experience.

  • When ranking your top 3 areas of interest, please be sure to rank your choices accurately.

  • Review your application for spelling and grammatical errors before submitting it.