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Academic Curriculum

Pediatric Dermatology Fellowship

The Division of Dermatology holds several educational conferences per month. Many of these are multidisciplinary in nature and enhance communication between our division and other subspecialists.

We offer a one-year Pediatric Dermatology Fellowship Program accredited by the ACGME. The fellowship provides a broad-based, comprehensive clinical, educational and research experience in the field of pediatric dermatology. 

We also offer experience in procedural pediatric dermatology including excisional surgery and laser therapy. Upon completion of the fellowship program, fellows will be eligible for board certification in pediatric dermatology through the American Board of Dermatology.

Dermatopathology Conference

The dermatology faculty meets twice monthly with one of the hospital Pediatric Pathologists to review all skin biopsies performed in the two weeks prior to the conference. This conference provides an excellent forum for clinical pathological correlation as the clinical presentation, clinical images, and histology are reviewed on each patient. Pediatric Dermatology and pathology fellows, pediatric residents and medical students also participate in this conference.

Dermatology Radiology Conference

Monthly conference between the Division of Dermatology and Radiology are held to review all abnormal images obtained on some of our most complex patients. Many of the studies pertain to patients with complex vascular anomalies or neurocutaneous disorders. The conferences allow for improved communication between the two sections and provide an educational opportunity for attending physicians as well as participating fellows, residents, and medical students.

Journal Club

The dermatology physicians, fellows, nurse practitioners, and rotating residents and medical students participate in this monthly conference over lunch during which five to ten recent Pediatric Dermatology articles are reviewed. This conference promotes regular self-education and provides a venue in which to discuss cutting edge care in our rapidly changing field. The fellow and a faculty member organize each monthly journal club.

Complicated Case Conference

This monthly conference allows the opportunity for each physician to present challenging and complex patients in order to seek out additional input for diagnostic or therapeutic recommendations.

Local/Regional/National/International Educational Outreach

The Division of Dermatology is committed to providing high quality, up-to-date education at the local, regional, national, and international levels by lecturing regularly at scientific meetings as well as by participating in many invited lectureships at pediatric and dermatology conferences near and far. We lecture regularly to our rotating residents and medical students and provide regular didactic sessions for both the pediatric and dermatology residency programs in our city. The fellow is also expected to provide didactic sessions for medical students and residents throughout the year.

Our Pediatric Dermatology Fellowship team

Kimberly A. Horii, MD
Fellowship Director
(816) 960-4100

Sean Reynolds, MD
Associate Fellowship Director
(816) 960-4100

Sarah R. King, MS
Fellowship Coordinator