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The Laboratory Genetics and Genomics (LGG) fellowship at Children’s Mercy is a 36-month accredited American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ABMGG) program designed to prepare PhD and/or MD candidates as laboratory geneticists. Laboratory geneticists direct clinical cytogenetic and molecular genetic laboratories, where they analyze and interpret human genetic and genomic tests relevant to diagnosis and management of genetic disorders. Laboratory geneticists act as consultants for a broad range of molecular and chromosomal disorders, both inherited and acquired. 

Training will be conducted in the Clinical Genetics and Genomics laboratories on the Children’s Mercy campus. Upon successful completion of the program, the trainee will be qualified to sit for the ABMGG Clinical Laboratory Genetics and Genomics Board examination.

Salaries and benefits

2023-24 salaries

  • PGY 4: $74,609.60
  • PGY 5: $76,481.60
  • PGY 6: $78,852.80
  • PGY 7: $81,224.00
  • PGY 8: $83,626.40
  • PGY 9: $85,342.40
  • PGY 10: $87,049.25

Benefits for fellows

  • $1,500 Educational stipend per academic year for books, travel and other educational materials
  • $2,250 Professional stipend for academic year to present scholarly activity
  • Health and dental insurance for trainee and dependents with no premiums
  • Hospital-issued iPad
  • Free parking
  • Moving allowance
  • 20 days of vacation
  • Paid sick time
  • Paid board exam
  • Access to clinical and research librarians, statisticians, scientific writers and learning specialists
  • Tuition allowance of $5,250 per year
  • On-site fitness center and wellness center

Academic curriculum

Learn more about the curriculum, including didactics, courses and workshops.

Clinical experience

Learn about the quality and extent of hands-on experience offered through this fellowship.

Faculty and fellows

Meet the team of fellows and faculty for the Laboratory Genetics and Genomics fellowship.

Apply for the program

Learn how to apply for this fellowship and begin the application process. 

Our Laboratory Genetics and Genomics Fellowship team

Elena Repnikova, PhD
Program Director

Nancy Draffen-Brown, MBA
Fellowship Coordinator