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Clinical Experience

Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Fellowship

Clinical rotations

The first year

  • Four months Outpatient Clinic 

  • Four months inpatient service 

  • Two months Bone Marrow Transplant 

  • One month research 

  • One month pathology

  • Half-day/week Continuity Clinic

  • Home call average ten (10) nights per month

The second year

  • Six months research and on call one week each month

  • Two months Clinical Pharmacology

  • One month elective

  • One month coagulation

  • One month inpatient service

  • One month Outpatient Clinic

  • Half-day/week Continuity Clinic

  • One day/month Biostatistics Course 

  • Home call maximum of seven (7) days per month

The third year

  • Eleven months research

  • One month inpatient "pretending" and two weeks of weekday home call

  • Half-day/week Continuity Clinic

  • Home call maximum one (1) weekend per month