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Frequently Asked Questions

Postdoctoral Psychology Fellowship

Fellowship FAQs 

1. When is the application deadline for the next class?

All information needs to be submitted by November 25, 2018 at 5:00 p.m Central Daylight Time in order to be considered for the 2018-2019 postdoctoral psychology fellowship program.  All applicants must have: 1) attended an APA-accredited doctoral graduate program in clinical or counseling psychology; 2) completed an APA/APPIC accredited internship with a clinical child focus; and 3) completed all requirements for his/her doctoral degree prior to beginning the fellowship. The positions' starting dates are expected to begin in early August of 2018. Salary is competitive with full benefits provided (medical and dental, vacation, and standard holiday/sick leave).

2. What is the mailing address for the program?

Children's Mercy Kansas City
Division of Developmental and Behavioral Health
Section of Psychology
Attn: Cynthia Call, Psy.D.
2401 Gillham Road Kansas City, MO  64108
Phone:  1 (816) 234-3674

3. How many positions are available?

CMKC has four possible Postdoctoral Psychology Fellowships available for the 2019-2020 training year. Each position provides advanced-level training in a specialized area of practice. 

  • Clinical Child and/or Pediatric Psychology (specific to the fellow's interests)
  • Clinical Child Psychology- Emphasis working with Autism and Special Needs
  • Pediatric Psychology- Emphasis working with Gastrointestinal Conditions
  • Children's Mercy/University of Kansas Medical Center joint research/clinical experience (endocrine/diabetes, pain management, and weight management)

4. How much is the fellowship stipend?

The current stipend for the 2018-19 training year is $49,464.55.

5. Are there benefits for fellows?

Postdoctoral Fellows at Children's Mercy receive a generous benefit package including free medical coverage, the opportunity to purchase additional short-term disability leave, and paid vacation. The Graduate Medical Education department provides a stipend of $1,500 for educational purposes and up to $2,250 for travel if presenting at a conference.

6. How long is the fellowship program and what are the start and end dates?

The Postdoctoral Fellowship positions are a full, one year program with a typical start date the first week of August and a completion date towards the end of July the following year.

7. Is it expensive to live in Kansas City?

Overall, living expenses in Kansas City are extremely reasonable. Rent, the cost of owning a home, and the cost of food and fuel, all are generally lower than the national average, and much lower than most other large municipalities.

8. What is the most heavily weighed factor when you consider which fellows to select?

More specialized postdoctoral fellowships may require or give preference to candidates with previous training and/or experience, as the fellowship is expected to be a more advanced extension of internship training. Outside of academic considerations (i.e. type of degree, past academic success, etc.), probably the most important criteria for selection is the demonstration of a strong desire to work with and have positive impact on the lives of children and their families. This desire should be evident in an applicant's choice of academic emphasis.