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Nursing Professional Development


The Nursing Department at Children's Mercy is committed to providing a variety of professional development opportunities for nurses.


Specialty certification

Children's Mercy recognizes the importance of specialty certification and the impact it has on quality nursing care. 

With one of the highest levels of nursing specialty certification in the nation, the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board (PNCB) recognized Children's Mercy's nursing department on reaching the milestone of over 500 certified pediatric nurses within our organization.

In addition to the nurses with certification through PNCB, nurses in all specialties have an exceptionally high rate of certification. Over 65 percent of direct care nurses that are eligible for certification are certified and 83 percent of nurse leaders, including APRNs, are also certified in specialty areas such as pediatrics, pediatric oncology, pain, operating room and critical care, among others.


ADVANCE: Professional Development Program

Our professional development program provides a way to formally recognize nurses for their contributions to both the organization and the profession of nursing. This program, known as ADVANCE: Achievements Demonstrating Valuable Advancements for Nursing Clinical Excellence, allows nurses to analyze their own practice and can seek recognition for their accomplishments.

Individuals submit an annual portfolio summarizing their achievements over the previous 12 months to a Peer Council for review. Program participants are compensated based on their individual achievements and are paid following portfolio submission and approval.


Continuing education

Nurses at Children's Mercy Kansas City have many opportunities to advance their education including tuition assistance. Learn more about continuing education opportunities.