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The Genomic Medicine Center shares data obtained through our clinical laboratory and research studies in an effort to help advance genomic research and medicine. All data is available in accordance with patient consent and the highest privacy standards.

Summary Level Data

The Genomic Medicine Center shares variant level data with ClinVar, a National Library of Medicine hosted database of genomic variants that includes annotations about disease associations and laboratory interpretations of variant pathogenicity. Variants identified in our pediatric genomic research repository, Genomic Answers for Kids, may be searched using the Beacon Network. The Beacon Network is an initiative of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health that aggregates data for worldwide genomic data sets and allows searches for variants across data sets.

Individual Level Data

Individual level data from the Genomic Answers for Kids project is available to approved researchers studying pediatric genetic conditions. For data resources available to approved researchers visit our Genomic Answers for Kids Project Data page.


Previously available software including VIKING, RUNES, and Astrolabe are no longer maintained and distributed.