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How to Apply

Pediatric Radiology Fellowship

To be eligible, applicants to the Pediatric Radiology Fellowship at Children's Mercy must have successfully completed an accredited pediatrics or radiology training program in the United States and passed Step 3. 

Application process

Applications are accepted one to two years prior to the anticipated starting date. The Pediatric Radiology Application must be accompanied by three letters of recommendation from residency faculty. Qualified applicants will be considered for interviews upon application. Interviews are by invitation only.  

International applicants

For international medical graduates we have the following additional requirements:

  • ECFMG certificate

  • Minimum two-digit scores of 85 on parts I and II of USMLE

  • Clinical experience in the United States is required

For international citizens, Children's Mercy primarily accepts applicants with J-1 Visa status. To be eligible for appointment, all international citizens must be sponsored by the ECFMG for the J-1 nonimmigrant Visa classification and have and maintain valid ECFMG certification throughout the length of their training Program. In some cases, Children's Mercy will sponsor an H-1B Visa. 

Changing immigration status

Residents/Fellows who wish to change their immigration classification while pursuing a graduate medical training Program at Children's Mercy must seek prior written approval from the GME Department. Failure to seek such approval will subject the trainee to immediate termination from his/her training Program. All candidates must have passed Step 3.

Our Pediatric Radiology Fellowship team

Amy Dahl, MD
Fellowship Program Director
(816) 760-5971

Rachel Laws, MBA
Fellowship Coordinator