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Clinical Experience

Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship

Fellows acquire the clinical skills needed to independently practice pediatric pulmonology at the end of the training program through a wide range of clinical experiences. Fellows are trained by divisional faculty, comprised of 7 pulmonologists, and 3 specialists in sleep medicine.

Inpatient service

The primary goal of the inpatient component of the program is to prepare fellows to provide high-quality, evidence-based care of patients with a broad spectrum of pulmonary pathology in the hospital inpatient setting. Services include primary care for children with chronic disease and consultative service for children admitted to other services.  Fellows will have six months of inpatient service time in the first year and three months split each in the last two years. Clinical duties include inpatient rounds with the service attending, night call, and performance of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. In this setting, fellows should demonstrate increasing proficiency and independence with oversight provided by faculty of the Pulmonary Medicine Service

Outpatient General Pulmonary Continuity Clinics

Fellows spend one half day per week in an ambulatory setting providing care for their own panel of patients in a Continuity Clinic. Patients will be accrued through new ambulatory consultation, inpatient follow up, and assignment of patients from former providers.  The Program Director will serve as primary preceptor for the Continuity Clinic.   

Outpatient Cystic Fibrosis Continuity Clinics

Fellows participate in the multi-disciplinary cystic fibrosis clinic one half day per month as part of their continuity clinic. The Cystic Fibrosis Care Center Director will serve as preceptor for this clinic. 

Pediatric Sleep Disorders Clinic

Fellows participate in this clinic one half day per month. The goal is to provide fellows with basic knowledge and understanding of common pediatric sleep disorders. The Director of the Sleep Disorders Center will serve as preceptor for this clinic. 

Pulmonary Function Testing

First year fellows will complete an introductory course on pulmonary function testing.  Following completion of the course, ongoing interpretation of diagnostic testing, in collaboration with Division faculty, is expected.  The goal of this component of the curriculum is to provide the fellow with a comprehensive understanding of the role of pulmonary function testing in the diagnosis of respiratory disorders, the management of a diagnostic laboratory, and the standards for performing and integrating all tests of pulmonary function.


The primary goal of this experience is to provide fellows with the knowledge and skills required to perform and interpret flexible bronchoscopy on pediatric patients. As part of this experience, fellows are expected to learn airway anatomy and recognize common anomalies and disorders.

Our Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship team

Alvin Singh, MD
Program Director

Erin Khan, MD
Associate Program Director

Rachel Laws, MBA, C-TAGME
Sr. Fellowship Coordinator
(816) 983-6487

Megan Smith, MSE
Fellowship Coordinator
(816) 234-1867

Silvia Hernandez, MBA
Office Coordinator
(816) 302-3379