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Academic Curriculum

Pediatric Pathology Fellowship

  • The focus of the Pediatric Pathology Fellowship Program is on clinical training in pediatric pathology with opportunity to complete small research projects.

  • The fellow is responsible for direct supervision of pathology resident trainees that may be rotating through the services in which the fellow is also rotating.

  • Two thousand (2000) surgical and cytology cases, fifty (50) intra-operative consultations (frozen sections) and forty (40) autopsies are to be completed by the fellow.

  • Didactic components include:

    • Journal Club (monthly)

    • Anatomical Pathology Conference (weekly)

    • NICU Mortality Conference (monthly)

    • Autopsy Pathology Conference (monthly)

    • PICU and Mortality Conference (monthly)

    • Interdisciplinary Cancer Care Conference (three times monthly)

    • Hematopath Conference (monthly)

    • Renal Path Conference (twice a month)

    • Derm Path Conference (twice a month)

    • Brain Cutting Conference (weekly or PRN)

    • Muscle Board Conference (monthly)

    • Gastroenterology Conference (once a month)

    • Liver Transplant conference (once a month)

Fellows are expected to prepare and present select cases at some of the above didactic conferences.