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Academic Curriculum

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship

PEM fellowship conferences occur every Wednesday with a rotating schedule of topics covered each week and all topics below are covered every month. Fellows are expected to attend 80% of these required conferences.

PEM simulation curriculum

  • Monthly high-fidelity simulation with 2 PEM fellows as team leaders

  • Opportunity to have participation of ED personnel (nurses, pharmacist, respiratory therapist) with use of the trauma rooms and equipment in the ED

PEM simulation courses 

  • Regional Bootcamp: 3-day simulation bootcamp attended by 1st year PEM fellows

  • Children’s Mercy Critical Care Simulation Bootcamp: Eight 4-hour sessions attended by 1st year fellows from PEM, Critical Care Medicine, and Hospital Medicine

  • Cadaver Lab: 2 day session attended by 2nd year PEM fellows with EM residents to gain skills in low-frequency, high-risk procedures like advanced airway placement, pericardiocentesis, central lines, & chest tubes

PEM toxicology conference

  • Monthly conference presented by board-certified toxicologist to PEM faculty and fellows

  • Problem-based Learning Cases consisting of an 18-month curriculum with case-based discussion followed by a brief focused lecture

  • Covers required toxicology content specified by the American Board of Pediatrics

PEM core curriculum

  • Monthly didactics presented by PEM fellows, faculty, and subspecialty content experts

  • Core Content Lectures encompass a 3-year curriculum designed to cover the required PEM content specified by the American Board of Pediatrics

  • PREP Board Review Questions presented by PEM fellows

  • Interesting Case Conference presentation of 1-2 cases by both PEM fellows & faculty with case discussion & brief learning points

  • Radiology Cases presented quarterly by a pediatric radiologist utilizing case-based learning to emphasize core radiology topics for PEM providers

  • Patient Safety & Disaster Preparedness online modules completed by 3rd year PEM fellows

  • Journal club presented monthly by 2 PEM fellows to PEM faculty and co-fellows

PEM morbidity and mortality conference

  • Quarterly conference 

  • Case summaries prepared by ED & Quality/Safety leadership

GME common fellowship curriculum

  • Hospital-wide program to address topics common to all ACGME-approved fellowship programs

  • Conferences cover topics such as professionalism, medical ethics, fatigue/sleep deprivation, physician impairment, teaching, mentoring and leadership

  • In-depth education for second and third year fellows

  • Topics include case discussions on medical ethics and professionalism, health economics, transition to faculty, coding and billing

  • Hospital-wide program to address topics common to all ACGME-approved fellowship programs including professionalism, medical ethics, physician impairment, teaching/mentoring, and leadership
  • Common Curriculum and Didactics

Our Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship team

Frances Turcotte Benedict, MD, MPH, FAAP
Program Director
(816) 302-3152

Vivek Dubey, MD
Associate Program Director

Michelle DePhillips, MD
Associate Program Director 

Rachel Laws, MBA
Sr. Fellowship Coordinator