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Research and Advanced Education

Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship

Fellows may choose a project in either basic, translational, or clinical science with dedicated research blocks to allow their research interests to develop and mature. A primary mentor will be assigned during the first year based on mutual research interests.

Examples of ongoing and past 5 years fellow research projects include:

  • Benjamin Matta – Examine CKiD cohort to determine role of antihypertension medication dosage on blood pressure control and left ventricular hypertrophy

  • Nisha Singh – Patterns of Ketorolac usage and risk of AKI in children

  • Heather Morgans – Use SCOPE database to review epidemiology of fistula infections

  • Nathan Beins – created a workshop “Personalized Learning: Creating Rich Interactive Online Modules for Medical Trainees” for the ACGME national conference

  • Keia Sanderson – long-term outcomes of infants receiving peritoneal dialysis using the USRDS registry