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How to Apply

Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology Fellowship


The program is open to those who have an MD or DO, MD/PhD, PharmD/PhD or PharmD degree(s), and who have completed an academic training program in either pediatrics (for physicians) or pediatric pharmacotherapy (for clinical pharmacists), with a desire to pursue an academic career with an emphasis on the evaluation of drugs in children. 

Application Process

1. Write a personal statement describing your previous training, any research experience, career goals, and reasons for seeking training in pediatric clinical pharmacology.

2. Prepare your curriculum vitae (CV)

3. Gather three letters of recommendation

4. Complete the application. During the application process you will be asked to attach a copy of your updated curriculum vitae and personal statement.

Apply now


For general questions, please contact

Bridgette L. Jones, MD

Division of Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology 
Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology Training Program 
2401 Gillham Rd 
Kansas City, MO 64108