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Fellowship Objectives


The Administrative Fellowship is designed for postgraduate individuals interested in an administrative career in pediatric health care. Fellows receive hands-on experience in both clinical and non-clinical areas of Children's Mercy Kansas City. This is provided through a combination of project work, rotations, observations, and shadowing experiences. The fellowship aims to provide the fellow with hands-on administrative experience in a wide variety of administrative discipline, expose the fellow to executive leadership at all levels within the organization, provide the fellow with projects that are aligned with both the fellow's interests and career goals and the interests and needs of Children's Mercy, and prepare the fellow for a leadership career in a pediatric health care facility.

Fellowship Overview

Participants will gain executive and administrative leadership experience at a variety of levels. Projects are aligned with both the fellow's career goals and the needs of Children's Mercy.

How to Apply

Administrative Fellowship applicants must have a graduate degree from a master's-level program at an accredited college or university, preferably from a Health Care Administration program.

Previous Fellows and Projects

The Children's Mercy Administrative Fellowship Program has a rich history dating back many years. Past fellows have traveled from across the U.S. to take part in this valuable program. Several fellows have moved directly from their fellowship experience into full-time positions at Children's Mercy after completing the Administrative Fellowship Program.

We currently have former fellows working in a wide range of departments including Strategic Planning, Operations, Quality Improvement, and leadership positions in several clinical departments. 

“The Administrative Fellowship was an incredible year during which I was able to fully immerse myself in all aspects of a leading children’s hospital. The opportunity to shadow in clinical areas, rotate through various departments, take on multiple projects, and interact with employees, patients, and families at Children’s Mercy throughout the fellowship was an invaluable experience that will inevitably shape my career as a pediatric healthcare administrator. In addition, the unique structure of the program enabled me to be mentored by senior leadership throughout the year as well as build lasting relationships.”

Misbah Aslam, 2016-17 Fellow
Division Manager
Emergency Department

"The Administrative Fellowship at Children's Mercy is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. The opportunity to observe, participate, and lead in numerous areas across the hospital is something that will propel my interactions, understanding, and career for years to come. From international services, to family centered care, clinical care, volunteering at events, and countless others, I learned from every aspect of the fellowship."

Kate Gibbs, 2014-15 Fellow
Quality Improvement Consultant - Licensed
Quality and Clinical Safety

"The Administrative Fellowship was one of the most rewarding and immersive years of my life. From participating in several departmental and hospital-wide projects to shadowing numerous care teams into the wee hours of the morning, I experienced a wide and meaningful breadth of all that it takes to operate a system that offers so many vital services to our community. The fellowship served as a crucial guide to my decision process as I began that year to think about my next step. And, perhaps most importantly, I was able to connect with a myriad of families and Children's Mercy staff who have positively shaped my understanding of pediatric healthcare to this day."

Tally Sharma Venjohn, 2013-14 Fellow
Manager of Annual Leadership Giving

"The Administrative Fellowship is an amazing opportunity to learn from experts in health care and to be responsible for your own projects. The experiences I had with patients, families, and employees at Children's Mercy will always impact the way I make decisions throughout my career."

Neesha Hitchcock, 2011-12 Fellow
Director of Operations
Children's Mercy Hospital Kansas

"My administrative fellowship at Children's Mercy challenged and inspired me in many ways. My expectations for establishing relationships, gaining professional experience and refining my skills were indeed met and often surpassed. My observations and assimilation into a culture that fulfills its mission on a daily basis, however, was just as meaningful."

Jared Vavroch, 2010-11 Fellow
Director of Business and Operations
Patient Care Services

"As I began the Administrative Fellowship, I had an understanding that I would spend my time learning the 'ins and outs' of a leading pediatric hospital. Much to my surprise and benefit, that ultimately was only a small component of the education and developmental leadership I received. The experience challenged me to learn more about myself, cultivate relationships, and refine the expertise and skills needed to become a healthcare leader in the future."

Kevin Mroczka, 2009-10 Fellow
Director of Planning and Business Analysis
Strategic Planning

"The Administrative Fellowship program at Children's Mercy exceeded my expectations in every way. I was fortunate to experience nearly everything a large pediatric health care system has to offer; both clinical and administrative. The fellowship program also provided the unique opportunity to guide a young administrator from a pediatric hospital in China through Children's Mercy for a three-month period. This led to an opportunity to travel to China, and see pediatric healthcare as it is practiced on the other side of the globe. The fellowship opened many doors, provided tremendous opportunities, and put me on track to continue developing the skills and relationships necessary to be a successful administrator in the pediatric health care environment."

Jack Curran, 2008-09 Fellow
Interim Senior Administrative Director
Department of Pediatrics


  • Business planning and market analysis for capital purchases

  • Data analysis and benchmarking for philanthropy

  • Continuous Quality Performance Improvement (CQPI) Team Project

  • Research and Presentation at Grand Rounds

  • U.S. News and World Report Survey

  • Management of Summer Interns

  • Program development research for Administration

  • Project management for Children's Mercy Research Institute

  • Family companion for Inside Pediatrics

  • Coordination of hospital fundraisers

  • Hospital translator contract consolidation

  • Community education programs

  • Intensive Care Nursery expansion

  • Cerebral Palsy feasibility assessment

  • Hospital lab consolidation

  • Proposal to build Children’s Mercy East

  • Community benefit program

  • Government relations disproportionate share project

  • The Chatlos Foundation Grant Proposal for Chaplaincy

  • Point of service cash collections program

  • Supply chain assessment

  • Implementation of the Medical Home Model in clinics

  • 3D Printing

  • Analysis of Transplant Services

  • Standardization of faculty departure process

  • Creation of the Children’s Mercy Kansas Hospital Patient and Family Advisory Council

  • Creation of the Digital Engagement Center

  • Creation of diversity guidelines for faculty search committees