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The Administrative Fellowship Program Quotes from Previous Fellows
The Administrative Fellowship Program Quotes from Previous Fellows

"As I began the Administrative Fellowship, I had an understanding that I would spend my time learning the 'ins and outs' of a leading pediatric hospital. Much to my surprise and benefit, that ultimately was only a small component of the education and developmental leadership I received. The experience challenged me to learn more about myself, cultivate relationships, and refine the expertise and skills needed to become a healthcare leader in the future!"

Kevin Mroczka, 2009-10 Fellow
Director of Professional Services
Division of Nephrology and Division of Dermatology

"The Administrative Fellowship program at Children's Mercy exceeded my expectations in every way. I was fortunate to experience nearly everything a large pediatric health care system has to offer; both clinical and administrative. The fellowship program also provided the unique opportunity to guide a young administrator from a pediatric hospital in China through Children's Mercy for a three-month period. This led to an opportunity to travel to China, and see pediatric healthcare as it is practiced on the other side of the globe. The fellowship opened many doors, provided tremendous opportunities, and put me on track to continue developing the skills and relationships necessary to be a successful administrator in the pediatric health care environment."

Jack Curran, 2008-09 Fellow
Director of Professional Services
Clinical Pharmacology, Genomic Medicine,
Rheumatology and Critical Care Medicine

"The Administrative Fellowship at Children's Mercy is one of few offered in a pediatric facility. The experience I obtained during the year developed my interpersonal and professional skills that will be beneficial throughout my career."

Valencia Gant, 2007-08 Fellow
Administrative Director
Department of Surgery

"The fellowship program at Children's Mercy is an invaluable experience; it nourishes and molds early careerists for success! It is an awesome opportunity to grow, shine and learn!"

KaMara White, 2005-06 Fellow
QI Program Manager
Quality Improvement

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