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Andrea Bradley-Ewing, MPA, MA

Research Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Headshot of Andrea Bradley-Ewing
Andrea Bradley-Ewing, MPA, MA

Andrea Bradley-Ewing, MPA, MA, serves as the Research Diversity and Inclusion Officer for the Children’s Mercy Research Institute (CMRI).

As Senior Director of Community Engaged Research in Health Services and Outcomes Research at Children’s Mercy Kansas City, Bradley-Ewing has extensive experience in community-engaged and patient-centered outcomes research. These experiences include collaborating with diverse research teams as well as patients, families, and community stakeholders to design, implement, and disseminate large-scale interventions to improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities.

Her work has included directing comparative intervention studies to promote medication adherence, smoking cessation, vaccination uptake, HIV prevention, and diabetes, and heart disease prevention in historically underserved communities.

Bradley-Ewing brings her robust research experience to her leadership role at CMRI, having served as a co-project lead on a proposal project that engaged key stakeholders in developing a research agenda to increase vaccination rates. This work led to an extramurally funded award to test the comparative efficacy of two interventions to increase HPV vaccination rates. In addition, she collaborated with patient and family stakeholders on a project comparing the effectiveness of two interventions to reduce inappropriate antibiotic prescribing and improve shared decision making.

Among her current research efforts, Bradley-Ewing is working to engage patients, their parents, clinicians, and research to identify shared research priorities for children living with rare diseases. She is also continuing her research efforts related to vaccine screening and interventions.

In addition to her research experience, Bradley-Ewing serves as the director of CMRI’s Community Advisory Board, which collaborates with research teams to ensure input from patients, families, and the community is incorporated in research activities. She is also Chair of the Inclusion and Diversity in Research Workgroup whose goal is to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion among research participants, investigators and staff. Bradley-Ewing earned her bachelor’s degree and dual master’s degrees in psychology and public administration from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.