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The more you talk, the more your baby learns. Talk With Me Baby Kansas City is dedicated to getting families talking!

Hearing lots of loving words helps a baby build a healthy brain. The most effective action you can take to increase your baby’s educational opportunities and future success is to talk with them every day.

Look for opportunities to talk in every situation, from the time your baby wakes until they fall asleep. 

The Baby Lab team at The University of Kansas Medical Center and Children’s Mercy is working in partnership with the creators of Talk With Me Baby to increase public awareness and educate caregivers on the importance of talking with their baby every day.

Learn more about Talk With Me Baby and how to support early brain development, including tips, videos and conversation starters.

At the Baby Lab, we work on a variety of projects to promote early language and social-emotional development so that all young children can reach their potential. Learn more by visiting the Baby Lab website.