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Enhancing the delivery of evidence-based care

The Division of Health Services and Outcomes Research (HSOR) is committed to scientific discovery that enhances the delivery of evidence-based care and optimizes the outcomes that patients/parents value most. Distinct from traditional biomedical research that relies solely on biomedical measures of success to determine whether a health intervention is necessary and/or successful, outcomes researchers include a broader focus that includes the clinical outcomes that matter most to patients. 

In addition to disease outcomes, HSOR includes a focus on patients’ biopsychosocial functioning, quality of life, barriers to care and experience with care which are often key to addressing chronic disease, as well as, health disparities. A multi-disciplinary effort, HSOR focuses on discoveries that improve key aspects of the healthcare system (e.g., patient/parent-provider communication, treatment engagement, medication adherence), while reducing health disparities and inappropriate use of health care resources. 

HSOR is engaged in the development of a robust and durable academic research infrastructure to ensure that we maximize on our existing strengths in clinical care, clinical trials, genomics, clinical pharmacology and quality improvement. HSOR is fostering increased strategic collaborations with colleagues locally, nationally and internationally to leverage our strengths and create new opportunities for success. HSOR are also working to identify and enhance our existing relationships with faith and community based organizations and our families to improve care, enhance research and ensure translation of best practice. 

Our program provides structural support to create multidisciplinary teams in high impact areas to support an increased rate of peer-reviewed publications in high quality journals and funded grant submissions.

See the funded projects Health Services and Outcomes is currently leading.

Our team strives to continually improve the care we give patients and families by regularly measuring our performance. Measurement allows us to evaluate our performance, learn from past experience, celebrate our successes, and improve upon the care we provide.

In addition to our collaboration with researchers, our team is committed to continued collaboration with faith and community-based organizations to improve care, enhance research, and ensure translation of best practice to children and families in our community.

Our biostatisticians publish research papers in their respective areas of expertise, serve as research mentors for fellows and graduate students, work as investigators on funded grants, review manuscripts for scientific journals, and provide statistical support on collaborative projects with researchers at Children’s Mercy and numerous other institutions.

Health Services and Outcomes Research Team

Our faculty and staff provide models, strategies and tools to support effective formal and informal mentorship to increase research productivity and retention. We also foster strategic collaboration with colleagues locally, nationally and internationally to leverage our strengths and create new opportunities for success.

Kathy Goggin, PhD
Ernest L. Glasscock, MD, Chair in Pediatric Education and Research
Director, Health Services and Outcomes Research
Associate Chair for Research, Department of Pediatrics
Deputy Director, Children’s Research Institute
Professor, Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Mark Hoffman, PhD
Chief Research Information Officer, Children's Research Institute
Associate Professor, Biomedical and Health Informatics, Pediatrics UMKC School of Medicine

Brian Lee, PhD
Research Faculty
Research Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Vincent Staggs, PhD
Research Faculty
Associate Professor, School of Medicine, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Hung-Wen (Henry) Yeh, PhD
Research Faculty

Janelle Noel-MacDonnell, PhD
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Research Faculty

Ashley Sherman, MA

David Williams, MPH

Andrea Bradley-Ewing, MPA, MA
Director, Community Engaged Research

Keith Feldman, PhD
Assistant Professor

Emily Hurley, PhD
Assistant Professor

Brett Knapp, MHA, CCRP
Research Business Manager

Amanda Seley, MBA
Financial Operations Manager

Evelyn Donis De Miranda
Research Assistant

Kimberly Pina
Research Assistant, MPH

Beth Canipe
Office Coordinator