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Refer a Patient to Rheumatology

New Patient Appointments

*For amplified pain syndrome or fibromyalgia, please refer to Pain Management.

Step 1
Complete Form
Step 2
Review and Schedule

Complete the New Patient Appointment Form.

For best results, please use Google Chrome.

To avoid delay in scheduling, please upload any records regarding the reason for referral (doctor’s notes, lab results or X-ray results).

The Children’s Mercy Contact Center will call the patient within 2 business days to schedule an appointment.

Scheduled and requested appointment status can be found on the Wednesday referral reports.


Follow-Up Appointments

Follow up appointments should be scheduled by the patient by calling the Rheumatology Clinic at (816) 234-1666.

Conditions Treated

Conditions treated in Rheumatology include arthritis, lupus, myositis, Raynaud's syndrome, scleroderma, uveitis, and vasculitis.