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Refer a Patient to Nutrition

New Patient Appointments

Step 1
Complete Form
Step 2
Review and Schedule

Complete the New Patient Appointment Form.

For best results, please use Google Chrome.

The Children's Mercy Contact Center will call the patient within 2 business days to schedule an appointment.

Scheduled and requested appointment status can be found on the Wednesday referral reports.


Follow-Up Appointments

Follow up appointments should be scheduled by the patient by calling the Contact Center at (816) 234-3700.

Conditions Treated

Age-appropriate diet/diet concerns, allergies, amenorrhea/irregular periods, blended feeds, constipation, diabetes type 2, elevated HbA1C, elevated lipids, enteral nutrition, malnutrition, sports nutrition, PICA, tube feedings, iron deficiency, low weight, picky eating, poor/slow growth, prediabetes, insulin resistance, sports nutrition, underweight, vegetarian/vegan, weight management, obesity.

This clinic requires that a physician’s referral be submitted prior to scheduling an appointment.

*Patients with a BMI greater than the 95th percentile should be referred to the Weight Management Clinic.

*For food aversions or food refusal that is causing malnutrition, please refer to Gastroenterology or GI Feeding Clinic.

*ARFID patients are complex and need to be seen by an outside provider. View a list of ARFID providers.

Note: Children’s Mercy is pleased to share information regarding these professionals who identify as specialists in treating ARFID, however, these providers are not affiliated with Children’s Mercy, and we cannot formally endorse their services.