Weighing In
Weighing In

Weighing In is a program at Children's Mercy that seeks to align community programs to help prevent and reduce childhood obesity.

Building a Healthier Community

Children and their families have experienced great success in Children’s Mercy’s Weight Management Clinics and Programs and we want to make it easier for children to enjoy a lifestyle that supports their health. Weighing In supports forums to focus and integrate efforts among partners in the Kansas City community.

Why It's Time to Weigh In

Too many children are obese, putting them at risk for a lifetime of problems.

  • Children who are overweight or obese as preschoolers are five times as likely as normal-weight children to be overweight or obese as adults.
  • In older children and adolescents, obesity is associated with high cholesterol, high blood sugar, asthma, and mental health problems.
  • Obese children are more likely to suffer lifelong physical and mental health problems.

Taking Action

See how the Weighing In program is taking action to promote healthy lifestyles for children across the community.
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Program Summary (pdf)

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