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1. What is the mailing address for the program?

    Children's Mercy Kansas City
    Division of Developmental and Behavioral Health
    Section of Psychology
    Attn: Anna Egan, Ph.D., ABPP
    2401 Gillham Road Kansas City, Mo. 64108
    (816) 234-3674


2. How many positions are available?

There are three Pre-doctoral Internships available. Interns also have an opportunity to apply for at least three, 1-year Post-Doctoral positions upon successful completion of the internship program.


3. How long is the program and what are the start and end dates?

The Pre- and Post-Doctoral positions are both one year programs with a typical start date the first week of August and a completion date towards the end of July the following year.


4. Do I need to have my dissertation completed and defended before I can start your program?

While we prefer that interns be in the defense stage of their degree program when starting the internship, we realize that this is not always possible. We give preference to applicants who have shown significant progress towards dissertation completion.


5. Is it expensive to live in Kansas City?

Overall, living expenses in Kansas City are extremely reasonable. Rent, the cost of owning a home, and the cost of food and fuel, all are generally lower than the national average, and much lower than most other large municipalities.