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Medical Student Research Program

Research Rotations

For medical students who would like to participate in a 4-week research rotation, please view our Pediatric Research page. If you are a UMKC or KU student, please contact your advisor. All other students should apply through the AAMC VSAS program.

Non-Rotation Research Application Process

University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) medical students who are interested in ongoing research participation must first obtain permission from the UMKC School of Medicine by completing the forms and process.

Once such permission is obtained, they may contact Children's Mercy faculty members engaged in research, discuss their interests and, once it is agreed upon by the faculty, submit the required application to the Department of Graduate Medical Education before beginning their research. It is important that the student researcher pay particular attention to their academic progress to ensure that adequate time is being spent in formal curriculum.

Medical students from other accredited medical schools may participate in research at Children's Mercy subject to approval from their medical school, their schedules and meeting the requirements of Children's Mercy.

All medical students seeking a lab or research rotation must identify the faculty supervisor. All such research rotations must be pre-approved by the Children's Mercy Research Institute and Children's Mercy Graduate Medical Education Office prior to the start of such rotation.

For more information please contact Leslie Ranney.

Non-Medical Student Research Electives

College or university students in general may request a research rotation. If the individual is a non-medical student, then the research rotation must be approved by the institution where the student is enrolled and CMH faculty who will be responsible for such research. The student must meet CMH policy and guidelines requirements. Research rotation must be for credit.