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Pediatric Urology

Educational objectives: The Urology elective is a four-week rotation during which the student will be given opportunities to recognize signs and symptoms of urologic disorders. Students requesting this rotation will have completed their pediatric core clerkship. At the completion of the rotation, the student should:

  • Show basic skills to evaluate a patient with urologic condition

  • Prepare appropriate labs & radiology scans

  • Acquired skills need to manage urologic patients in office/clinic setting

  • Show compassion 

  • Be able to follow up with labs & x-rays for patients

Responsible faculty: Joel Koenig, M.D.

Administrative assistant: Jeannette Whitney, (, (816) 234-7002

Contact person: April Gerry, BS (,  (816) 234-1367

Elective duration: One month

Prerequisites: Completion of Core Pediatric Clerkship. Must complete OR safety training scheduled for 1st working day of each month prior to going into the OR.

Description: During your rotation, you will see a mix of inpatient and outpatient procedures. You will also spend time in the Operating Room, as well as outpatient clinics and inpatient care. Staff and residents are happy to work with you during your visit in the clinics. Rounds will be made on a daily basis with residents and attendant. We do realize that this is a short period and it will be very difficult to experience everything pertaining to urology. In that sense, we advise you to prepare yourself prior to the operating room by reading up on cases to get the maximum from your experience. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in research projects. Your day usually begins at 0615 (with rounds) until about 1730. You will not be required to take call. You will be supervised at all times with either a resident or faculty. There are weekly conferences that the student can attend, but Urology Conference is held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Calls: No

Criteria for passing: Satisfactory performance on the clinical evaluation.

Criteria for honors: Outstanding performance on the clinical evaluation.