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Pediatric Research

General course objectives: To provide a health professions student (medicine, pharmacy, nursing, dentistry) with a structured research experience that is designed to impart upon the student general principles of research (basic, translational or clinical) germane to pediatrics. The student will also receive didactic instruction pertinent to the conduct of research involving humans and biological samples of either human or animal origin.

Specific learning objectives: After completing this elective rotation, the student will:

  1. Have general knowledge pertaining to the conduct of human subject research, biosafety, research misconduct and research ethics

  2. Develop a conceptual understanding of an area of pediatric research and specific considerations related to the design and conduct of an investigation

  3. Be able to demonstrate sufficient mastery in the performance of research-related procedures assigned to the student

  4. Develop a conceptual understanding of how research information/data are used to translate scientific discoveries into knowledge and technology capable of improving the health of infants and children

  5. Develop a working knowledge of the importance of scientific integrity and continuity as it applies to the conduct of research in pediatrics

Contact person: April Gerry, BS (, (816) 234-1367

Elective duration: Four weeks minimum. The experience can continue with approval of faculty mentor.

Maximum enrollment: Availability based on the research in progress at time of request.

Prerequisites: Must be in final two years of medical school and have successful interview with faculty mentor. Children's Mercy must identify faculty mentor prior to placing student in the elective. Student must be fully enrolled for the four-week research elective at their university.

Description: Research will be done between 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The schedule can be flexible based on the approval of faculty mentor.

Calls: No

Criteria for passing: Satisfactory completion of responsibilities assigned by faculty mentor.