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Pediatric Gastroenterology

Educational objectives: Increase understanding of outpatient pediatric gastroenterology.

Responsible faculty: Nadia Ibrahimi, MBBS 

Administrative assistant: Jessica Reynolds, (, (816) 302-3058

Contact person: April Gerry, BS (, (816) 234-1367

Elective duration: One month


  • Student will see patients in the GI Clinic and will be supervised by GI attendings.

  • Observation of GI endoscopic procedures. 

  • Attendance and presentations at GI conferences.


  • Completion of the Core Pediatric Clerkship. 

Description: Participation in the outpatient GI Clinic and observation of endoscopic procedures and optional inpatient consult experience.

Calls: No

Criteria for passing: Satisfactory performance on the clinical evaluation.

Criteria for honors: Outstanding performance on the clinical evaluation.