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Infant & Toddlers with Special Needs

Educational objectives: 

  1. Refine history and physical exam skills for infants and toddlers with and without problems.

  2. Learn methods of development evaluation and when to refer.

  3. Understand factors which place infants and children in medical or developmentally high-risk categories.

  4. Become familiar with common medical and physical disabilities in ICN graduates and the implications for follow-up.

  5. Learn how to provide family-centered, community-based coordinated services and health care in a culturally sensitive context.

  6. Understand complexities of longitudinal care for developmental at-risk children.

  7. Understand role of other health professionals and participate in multidisciplinary team to deliver comprehensive care and service.

Responsible faculty: Christine Robertsen, MD (, (816) 234-9535; Amy Knapitsch, (816) 234-3951

Contact person: April Gerry, BS (, (816) 234-1367

Elective duration: One month

Prerequisites: Completion of Core Pediatric Clerkship. 

Description: Summary of Daily Activities:

  • Clinic

    • Monday-Friday mornings

    • Monday-Thursday afternoons

  • Conferences

    • Monday and Wednesday - Noon - Neonatal

    • Thursday mornings - Grand Rounds

  • Consults

    • As requested throughout the week, ICN and Ward patients

  • Discharge Planning Family Conferences

    • As requested from ICN

  • Rounds

    • Informal on hospitalized clinic patients

Calls: No

Criteria for passing: Satisfactory performance on the clinical evaluation. 

Criteria for honors: Outstanding performance on the clinical evaluation.