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Child Abuse & Neglect

Educational objectives:

  • Understand the initial medical evaluation for child physical abuse, sexual abuse or neglect including specific history taking and interview techniques; detailed physical exam with special attention to patterns of injury; detailed recording or interviews; historical data and skin findings; and initial plan of medical care. 

  • Obtain familiarity with community resources involved in evaluation and care of these kids. 

  • Become familiar with medical team members roles and team function in the multidisciplinary evaluation of these children and families. 

  • Understand the multidisciplinary work-up of children with severe failure to thrive. 

  • Understand the medical complexities of children in foster care and what is needed for their evaluation.

Responsible faculty: Emily Killough, MD

Administrative assistant: Cindy Marler ( ), (816) 234-3850

Contact person: April Gerry (, (816) 234-1367

Elective duration: One month

Format: Clinical

Prerequisites: Student must demonstrate an interest in pediatrics or in emergency medicine and must be in their last year of medical school.

Description: A month rotation to learn multi-disciplinary approach to all aspects of child abuse. This will include prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment in the outpatient and variable visitations to community resources inpatient locale. In addition, working with community resources will be included. Time will be spent in daytime and evening clinics and some weekend days.

Calls: None

Criteria for passing: Completion of designed project, including written summary.

Criteria for honors: Excellence in project design and completion.