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Medical Administration Summer Internship Program

Children’s Mercy provides an excellent learning environment for master’s students interested in careers in healthcare leadership. Each summer, Children's Mercy accepts one master’s degree student for an internship opportunity.

Selected interns will gain exposure to the complex operations of a major pediatric academic medical center, become engaged in a mix of observational experiences and project-based work, and receive guidance and mentorship from experienced healthcare leaders. Students could work with departments such as Pediatrics, Surgery, Anesthesia, Pathology, Radiology and Graduate Medical Education, with a primary focus on physician practice and administrative operations.

Experiences and functions

The intern joins Medical Administration for the summer and precepted by the leadership team, with oversight from the Senior Administrative Director. Preceptors provide students with a broad range of learning opportunities depending on the priorities of the department, as well as the student’s professional interests.

Activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Attending high-level management meetings

  • Developing process flow maps of current processes and making recommendations around improving processes

  • Managing and analyzing data to inform department strategy

  • Supporting the capital budget process and/or evaluating prospective products or vendors

  • Attending grand rounds or other medical education lectures

  • Reviewing and completing financial analysis and statements

  • Assessing and summarizing new business opportunities

  • Participating in clinical simulations and facility tours

  • Meeting with senior leadership

Success factors, process and schedule

Successful students demonstrate the ability to juggle their workload and to absorb and assimilate an extraordinary amount of new knowledge in a very short amount of time.

A limited number of interested students will be asked to complete a brief video interview with a group of internship preceptors. Children's Mercy will make final decision on students in early spring. Each student’s start and end dates are determined jointly and based largely on student schedules, but most placements begin in late May and last 10-12 weeks. Interns are required to complete a background check prior to their start date, attend hospital orientation, and are expected to comply with all hospital policies, including protecting patient privacy and confidentiality.

This is a paid internship which includes an hourly rate paid by Children’s Mercy. Students are responsible for arranging and funding their own housing and transportation during the summer.


Application deadline: 1/31/2020

Selected intern applicant interviews: Week of 2/10/2020

Intern applicant selected by: 2/7/2020