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Child Life Internship Application

Applicant requirements

Clinical Internship Program will only accept interns who have:

  1. 100 hours of experience with well infants, children, youth and/or families

  2. 100 hours of experience with infants, children, youth and/or families in stressful situations, health care settings and / or programs designed for children with special needs

  3. Successfully completed child life coursework inclusive of the 6 applied areas of study, as required by the Association of Child Life Professionals.

  4. Completed the academic course work portion of the Association of Child Life Professionals Eligibility Assessment.

Application process

Individuals interested in the Child Life Internship Program should complete their application according to the following time schedules.

Spring Semester Internship: If applying for a spring internship (January-May), the due date for the application is Sept. 5. Interviews are conducted in September and early October.

Fall Semester Internship: If applying for a fall internship (August-December), the due date for the application is March 15. Interviews are conducted in late March and April.

All application materials must be postmarked by the deadline date. No late applications will be considered.

*Please note our program does not offer a summer internship program.


To be considered, a completed application including the following must be submitted to the Department of Child Life at Children's Mercy Hospital:

  1. Please include three separate Child Life Internship Candidate Common Recommendation Forms with the Common Child Life Internship Application (pdf)

  2. College transcript verifying a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. An official transcript will be required only upon the offer of an internship. Please review the “I Plan to Take the Child Life Professional Examination” section for further specifics regarding timely considerations in your certification journey.

  3. Official Association of Child Life Professionals Eligibility Assessment (to be inclusive of verification documenting 10 approved courses by the Association of Child Life Professionals and verification that demonstrates successful completion of one child life course taught by a Certified Child Life Specialist). Please include the expanded version of this form that shows specific courses approved and specific content areas approved for the child life taught course. View the Review My Courses page. Play, Development, and Family Systems courses must be completed by the time that the applicant is submitting their application. Up to two courses in progress forms will be considered for each candidate at time of application. Courses must be passed in good standing for applicant to be accepted into the internship program.

  4. Resume/Curriculum Vitae

* If you desire confirmation of receipt of your application, please mail your application materials via receipt requested or priority mail for tracking purposes.

Please mail all items in one envelope to:

Children's Mercy Kansas City
Child Life Department
Attn: Leslie Daniels, Child Life Manager & Internship Coordinator
2401 Gillham Road
Kansas City, MO 64108


An interview is required for internship selection. You may be contacted for an interview after all application materials are reviewed. Onsite interviews will include a tour of the hospital that will allow you to determine whether our facility and program match your learning goals. If it is not possible to arrange an onsite interview, one may be conducted via video conferencing.

Non-affiliated vs. affiliated students

The Child Life Internship Program accepts both university affiliated and independent students who meet the program applicant requirements.


Individuals will be notified of their acceptance into the internship program in accordance with the Association of Child Life Professionals Internship Offer Guidelines. Please reference this link for further Association of Child Life Professionals Internship Information.

Housing arrangements

Housing arrangements are the responsibility of the intern.


Proof of the following immunizations must be provided upon acceptance to the internship program and is the responsibility of the intern. An up-to-date MMR or positive Rubella Titer, Hepatitis B series, Tdap vaccine (2005 or later) chicken pox vaccine, a current two step tuberculin skin test, and flu vaccination must be provided upon acceptance into the program. All immunization documentation will need to be provided by the intern’s physician or documented by a health care facility.

Health form

A completed health form (to be provided) is required for each intern.


Both professional and general comprehensive public liability insurance is required and must be obtained by the child life intern. The internship coordinator can refer the intern to an appropriate agency.


Child Life interns are required to complete 16 weeks of 40 hours per week, totaling a minimum of 600 hours.


A legal affiliation agreement must be signed by the intern's university and the hospital prior to the intern's starting date. While not the intern's responsibility, he/she will be kept informed of the status of this agreement prior to the starting date, as the intern cannot begin the internship without this completed agreement. *This requirement is applicable for affiliated students only.