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Library Services for the Children's Mercy Workforce

Children’s Mercy Library Services has highly-qualified medical librarians ready to assist Children's Mercy employees and learners with expert literature and bioinformatics searches, electronic resource instruction, and access to electronic and print information resources. We also provide plain language health information to Children's Mercy patients and their families.

Children's Mercy workforce with Children's Mercy login/password may:

  • Access the Virtual Library, (thousands of books, journals, point-of-care tools, etc.) and request services from librarians.

  • Invite a clinical librarian to attend patient rounds and provide same-day literature for patient care, consumer health, and resident education

  • Request expert literature and database searching for Patient Care, Evidence-Based Practice, Quality Improvement, biomedical research, and other Children's Mercy projects

  • Request expert searching and instruction in support of clinical, translational, and bioscience research, systematic literature reviews, scholarly communication, citation management, and bioinformatics resources

  • Receive instruction and assistance with Resident Professor Rounds, Resident & Fellow Research Projects, Nursing Academy Projects, and similar endeavors

  • Publish works in the institutional repository

Library services for patients and their families, school nurses, and others