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Educational and Development Opportunities

The Office of Faculty Development provides educational programming throughout the year for faculty to enhance personal and professional growth skills, as well as recommends other learning advancement, mentorship, and service opportunities.

Educational Programming

We offer a variety of educational programming on topics such as teaching, research, systems-based thinking, career advancement, and professional and leadership development. We also partner with the Center for Clinical Effectiveness at Children’s Mercy to support training on quality and performance improvement designed to assist faculty in continuously enhancing the quality and productivity of patient care and their work environments.

Learning Advancement Opportunities

The Office of Faculty Development acts as a centralized resource for faculty to access information on advanced degrees, certifications, and formal development programs offered within Children’s Mercy, the metropolitan area (including the University of Missouri-Kansas City and University of Kansas), region, and nation. Children’s Mercy also offers tuition support to many faculty seeking additional educational opportunities.

Mentorship Opportunities

The Office of Faculty Development is spearheading the development of multiple mentorship structures at Children’s Mercy, including dyadic relationships, project mentoring, peer mentoring groups, and speed mentoring experiences.

Service Opportunities

We share service opportunities with faculty members as they arise, such as serving on committees and councils, interviewing medical students and trainees, and judging research projects and presentations, within Children’s Mercy, at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and at the University of Kansas Medical Center.