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Laser particle counts are the number of particles per cubic foot divided into 6 different size ranges. A laser beam literally counts the number of such particles as they are sucked past a detector. There is evidence that increased numbers of particles, particularly in the smaller ranges, are associated with heart diseases. That is why we measure it.

Friday, November 1, 2019

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Friday's Comments

This a nice sunny and cold morning in KC metro area to enjoy the beautiful autumn foliage. This will be our last daily ‘Pollen and Spore Report’ send out for 2019. For today’s report, there is no pollen grain and few spore counted. But we have a very few Juniper and ragged ragweed pollen in this morning collection. We do have the potential for some local fall juniper and also juniper pollen by long range transport all winter and increased spore level in our air when condition will be just right. But, typical winter in our area have near zero pollen and very low mold in the air. And hopefully for the most part our allergen season is over for this year. We will start our ‘pollen and Spore Report’ again in next spring when tree pollen season begin in 2020. FYI: Although the allergy season is on its way out, don’t put the tissues away just yet! Cold and flu season is on its way. Remember to wash your hands often!


Location Pollen (m3) Mold (m3)
Downtown 0 (Low) 1213 (Low)

Laser Particle Counts

Size Count (ft3)
0.3-0.5uM 520924
0.5-1.0uM 50400
1 - 5uM 11127
5-10uM 2569
10-25uM 355
>25uM 0

Top 5 Pollens

Pollen Count Percent

Top 5 Molds

Mold Count Percent
Cladosporium 578 47.65%
Smuts 404 33.31%
Aspergillus/ Peni 87 7.17%
Ascospores 58 4.78%
Alternaria and Other Spore 86 7.09%

Pollen and mold counts are collected at Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics Hospital Hill location using a Hirst spore trap manufactured by Burkard Limited. Results are expressed as the mean value of the particles per cubic meter and represent an integrated 24 hour collection. These results may be published for media purposes provided the Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics logo is used to acknowledge the source. Written authorization must be provided for commercial use of the results. For a recorded count, call (816) 346–1331.