Note: The pollen count database at Children’s Mercy Kansas City is currently on hold until further notice and we do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Pollen Count

Friday, August 6, 2021

Location Pollen per m3 of air Mold per m3 of air
KC Metro 0 (Low) 0 (Low)

Laser Particle Counts

Size Count per m3 of air
0.3-0.5µM 0
0.5-1.0µM 0
1 - 5µM 0
5-10µM 0
>10µM 0

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Phone: (816) 960-8885 (Allergy Office)
(816) 302-3059 (Environmental Health)
Pollen Line: (816) 346-1331

Top 5 Pollens

Pollen Count per m3 of air Percent

Top 5 Molds

Mold Count per m3 of air Percent

Friday's Comments

very mild conditions

Results are expressed as the median value of the particles per cubic meter and represent an integrated 24 hour collection. These results may be published for media purposes provided the Children's Mercy Hospital logo is used to acknowledge the source. Written authorization must be provided for commercial use of the results.

Laser particle counts are the number of particles per cubic meter divided into 6 different size ranges. A laser beam literally counts the number of such particles as they are sucked past a detector. There is evidence that increased numbers of particles, particularly in the smaller ranges, are associated with heart diseases. That is why we measure it.