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Resources for Children with Complex Medical Needs

The team at Children's Mercy Beacon Program has collected a range of resources to help families find extended support within the community. These resources provide useful tips and information about technology, community assistance, food services and mental health.

Flu vaccines and your family
Preparing your family for emergencies

Educational/employment supports

Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation
(816) 889-2581

Kansas Vocational Rehabilitation
1 (866) 213-9079

Project Rise
(816) 983-6994
Employment, volunteer, job preparation program through Children's Mercy for patients 15 years and older

UMKC Propel
(816) 235-6340
Program w/in College of Arts and Sciences Psychology Dept allowing young adults with intellectual developmental disabilities opportunity to explore employment and education on major university campus

MO Rehab Services for the Blind
1 (800) 592-6004

Expanding College for Exceptional Learners
(816) 363-4968
Integrates people with ID into KC community through higher education

University of Central Missouri THRIVE Program
(660) 543-4204
Program for young adults with ID/DD to participate in 2 year residential college experience, building skills to transition from home to independence

Adult Daycare listing in Missouri

Adult Day Supports in Johnson County, KS

Contact your support coordinator through your local Community Developmental Disability Organization or Kansas City Regional Office for list of day programs available through waivers.


Other community programs

Missouri Family to Family
1 (800) 444-0821
Lifecourse materials, information packets specific to diagnoses, guardianship stoplight decision making tool.

Center for Practical Bioethics
(816) 221-1100
Information on advanced directives, resuscitation orders, advanced care planning

Palliative Care Team at Children's Mercy
(816) 855-1716

Pediatric Palliative Care Coalition
(412) 963-8243
Toolkits on care planning and caring conversations

Courageous Parents Network
Destination created by parents to support, guide, and strengthen families that are caring for a seriously ill child.

Legal Aid of Western Missouri
(816) 474-6750
Free legal representation to low income citizens

Kansas Legal Services
(913) 621-0200
Help low and moderate income Kansans through legal and mediation services.

Missouri Protection & Advocacy Services
(800) 392-8667

Disability Rights Center of Kansas
1 (877) 776-1541

Missouri Bar Association
1 (888) 253-6013
Search tool to find attorneys

Kansas Bar Association
1 (800) 928-3111
Search tool to find attorneys

You may want to check with your employer regarding employee benefits for legal services.

Justice in the Schools Legal Clinic
(816) 418-2061
Legal help for anything that may negatively effect school attendance in KCMO School District

If your child has Medicaid, contact the number on the back of their insurance card for taxi transportation assistance to medical appointments as well as mileage reimbursement. Medicaid can also help in securing long distance travel to out of town approved medical appointments for patient and a caregiver. Talk to your social worker at your doctor's office if you need transportation assistance or if travel is not offered through your private insurance.

Operating Above the Standard (OATS)
(888) 875-6287
Disability transportation service in various counties in Missouri.

KS Dept of Revenue Division of Vehicle Services
(785) 368-8222
Disabled parking placard

Missouri Dept of Revenue
(573) 526-3669
Disabled parking placard

RideKC Freedom
(816) 842-9070
KC metro public transportation program providing door to door service

eSpecial Needs
1 (877) 664-4565
Adaptive equipment & special needs car seats

Children's Mercy Car Seat Program
(816) 234-1607

Transportation Security Administration
(866) 289-9673
Helpline to assist air travelers with disabilities

Miracle Flights
(800) 359-1711
Medical air travel and flights to obtain service dogs

First Hand Foundation
(816) 201-1569
Funding for travel costs for medical needs

Kansas Department of Health and Environment
(785) 291-3092 
Possible special needs car seat funding

Safe Kids Kansas
(785) 296-4491
Possible car seat funding

Absolute Access
(816) 447-7511
Home modifications

Access Elevators and Lifts
1 (800) 397-4000
Lift sales and installation

Accessibility Remodeling
(913) 831-4444
Services: Home modification

1 (800) 488-0359
Services: Vehicle modification

Country Home Elevator and Stair Lift
1 (888) 869-8883
Services: Lift installation

Doctor’s Equipment
(816) 523-6644
Services: Home modification

Four Seasons Sunrooms—Bath Planet (KS & MO)
(816) 524-2770
Services: Bathtub modification

Health and Comfort
(816) 472-1100
Services: Stair, Platform and Vehicle Lift sales and installation

Jay Hatfield Mobility
(816) 600-5124
Services: Vehicle modification and Complex Rehab Chair sales

KC Lift and Elevator
(913) 327-5557
Services: Elevator, Stir/Ceiling, Porch life installation and sales

Life Wise Renovations
(816) 363-0600
Services: Home modification (also does home assessments with OT)

Missouri Stairway Lift Corporation
1 (800) 392-2591
Services: Home modification

Mobility First
(816) 350-7600
Services: Home and vehicle modification

New Mobility
1 (877) 384-8057
Services: Private Vehicle dealer in Michigan

Paulding Mobility
(816) 326-8620
Services: Vehicle modification

Prairie View Incorporated
1 (800) 554-7267
Services: Ramp installation

United Access
1 (888) 939-1010
Services: Vehicle modification and sales

The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists
(866) 672-9466
Locate mobility equipment dealers

National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association
(866) 948-8341
Assists you in locating a certified dealer for adaptive vehicle

Talk to disease specific advocacy groups for other sibling support resources such as groups or scholarships.

(816) 372-0311
Ongoing events and activities for children with life threatening conditions and their families

Turning Point
(913) 574-0900
Family and child life programming

Attachment & Trauma Therapy
(816) 607-1775
SIBLINGS of Special Needs Children Support Group ages 7-10 years old, $35)

Please communicate with your waiver support coordinator for list of options.

Missouri Statewide Independent Living Centers
1 (888) 667-2117
Federally mandated centers provide info, advocacy, and access to supports and services based on principles of consumer choice and control.

Kansas Centers for Independent Living
1 (833) 765-2003
Federally mandated centers provide info, advocacy, and access to supports and services based on principles of consumer choice and control.

Missouri Family to Family
(800) 444-0821
Resource navigators, peer mentors

(816) 372-0311
Ongoing events and activities for children with life threatening conditions and their families

KS "Supporting You"

Parent Offering Parent Support/Peer Mentor Program
(816) 302-8229

Consider searching facebook for support groups related to various diagnoses.

Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City
(913) 384-4848

Families Together Inc
(316) 945-7747

Grace Church SOAR Special Needs Ministry
(913) 814-7223

Complex Child
Monthly online magazine written by parents

Courageous Parents Network
Destination created by parents to support, guide, and strengthen families that are caring for a seriously ill child.

Link for Care
List of support groups under caregiver resources

MO Families for Effective Autism Treatment
1 (877) 275-8988
Advocacy, education, and support for families in the autism community and supports early diagnosis and effective treatment

Autism Speaks
(314) 989-1003
Promoting solutions for the needs of individuals with autism and their families through advocacy and support, increasing understanding/acceptance, and advancing research

Autism Society of the Heartland
(913) 706-0042
Provides support, education, and advocacy for the autism community

Parenting Children with Special Needs 
Resource directory which also includes disease specific supports

Inclusive Playgrounds

YMCA Challenger Program
(816) 561-9622

Missouri Family to Family
(800) 444-0821

Contact your local Parks and Recreation Department to ask about any programming for special needs.

Families Together Inc
(888) 815-6364

Camp Barnabas
(417) 476-2565

Wonderland Camp
(573) 392-1000

The Whole Person Adaptive Sports Program
(816) 627-2229

American Camp Association
(800) 428-2267
Search engine to find camps

Special Olympics Kansas
(913) 236-9290

Special Olympics Missouri
(913) 789-0330

68 Inside Sports Inclusive Program
(913) 888-9247

KC Treadz-Wheelchair Basketball
(816) 824-2370

Midwest Adaptive Sports
(816) 287-2011

Midnight Farm
(785) 979-1889
Accessible trails, horse drawn wagon rides, pumpkin and blueberry patches, accessible camp site, animal petting, disability accessible trails

The Whole Person
(816) 561-0304
Independent Living Center for Cass, Clay, Jackson, and Platte County (MO) & Johnson, Leavenworth, and Wyandotte County (KS)

West Central Independent Living Solutions
(660) 422-7883
Independent Living Center for Lafayette County MO

Access II Independent Living Center
(660) 663-2423
Independent Living Center for Ray County MO

Independence, Inc.
(785) 841-0333
Independent Living Center for Douglas County KS

Resource Center for Independent Living
(785) 242-1805
Independent Living Center for Miami County KS

Double H Ranch
(518) 696-5676
Camp for children with medical needs and their siblings in NY

(816) 513-7624
Adaptive swimming lessons for children ages 3-10 years old. Financial assistance available. Also provides driving rehabilitation.

The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists
(866) 672-9466
Locate certified driving rehabilitation specialists

Special Needs Scouting
Traditional scouting for boys 6-adult and girls 14-adult

Americans with Disabilities Act
1 (800) 514-0301

Kansas Protection Report Center
1 (800) 922-5330
Report abuse/neglect of child or adult

Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline
1 (800) 392-3738
Report abuse/neglect of child in MO

Adult Abuse and Neglect Hotline
1 (800) 392-0210
Report abuse/neglect of adult in MO

Child Protection Center
(816) 778-8000
Forensic interviews and therapy for children in Jackson, Cass, and Lafayette county/therapy

Synergy Services' Children's Advocacy Center
(816) 741-8700
Forensic interviews and therapy for children in Clay & Platte county/therapy

Child Safe of Central MO Inc.
(660) 829-3434
Forensic interviews and therapy for children in Lafayette county

Sunflower House
(913) 631-5800
Child advocacy center Wyandotte and Johnson County KS

Leavenworth Child Advocacy Center
(913) 682-8979

Lifehouse Child Advocacy Center
(785) 232-5433
Child advocacy center Douglas county

People First of MO
1 (800) 558-8652
Organization formed and run by people with developmental disabilities that provides members with advocacy and self-determination development and peer support

Partners in Policymaking
1 (800) 500-7878
Leadership training program sponsored by MO Developmental Disabilities Council for self-advocates and parents of individuals with disabilities

MO Governor's Council on Disability
1 (800) 877-8249
Hosts an online disability portal to connect individuals with local, state, and national disability resources

Epilepsy Foundation of MO & KS
1 (800) 972-5163 or 1 (800) 264-6970
Supports to those with epilepsy/seizures

National Alliance on Mental Illness
1 (800) 374-2138 or (800) 539-2660
Support groups, family courses, resources and info to families of children with mental health needs

Commissions for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Info and referral, workshops, training, and individual and systems advocacy

Rare KC
Support for those whose children have rare genetic conditions and diseases.

Great Plains ADA Center
1 (800) 949-4232
Provides guidance to all on how to apply ADA standards to public services

American Association of People with Disabilities
(880) 840-8844
Ensuring economic self-sufficiency and political empowerment for those with disabilities

American Red Cross
1 (800) 733-2767
Disaster safety for people with disabilities

The Whole Person
(816) 561-0304
Resource list for further emergency planning

If your child relies on life-saving durable medical equipment that requires electricity, you are also eligible for medical customer programs through your energy company. Please note these programs will NOT prevent disconnect if you have an overdue bill, however being a part of these programs may grant you a temporary extension before disconnect and will definitely put you on a priority list to be re-connected in the event of a power outage. Here are a few of the local programs:

  1. Kansas City Power & Light
    (816) 471-5275
    Ask your primary care provider (PCP) to complete the Medical Customer application.

  2. Independence Power & Light
    (816) 325-7495
    Ask your PCP to complete the Critical Care application.

  3. Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) - Call (913) 573-9029 to start the application process. A staff member of BPU will visit your home to verify your need and then BPU will send PCP application to be completed.

Talk to your primary care provider about a Pediatric Emergency Form that discusses common concerns, baselines, and pertinent treatment information.

The Whole Person
(816) 627-2217
Sheila Styron, Blindness Low Vision Specialist has a lot of knowledge about service animals and is a helpful person to contact if you have questions.

National Network Information, Guidance, and Training on the Americans with Disability Act
1 (800) 949-4232
Reviews owners' rights and responsibilities/where service animals are allowed/etc

US Department of Justice 
FAQs on Service Animals and the ADA

Assistance Dogs International
Shows you accredited service animal schools

Canine Companions for Independence
1 (800) 572-2275
Provides assistance dogs free of charge to recipients

Paws for Freedom
(913) 208-6326
Train puppies to be service dogs, work specifically with children

1 (866) 515-PUPS
Provide therapy dogs, service dogs, and rescue dogs

KSDS Assistance Dogs, Inc
(785) 325-2256

4 Paws For Ability
(937) 374-0385
Provide service dogs

Optimist Club of Kansas City
(816) 433-4850
May be able to help with funding for service animal


Healthcare resources

Kansas City Regional Office (KCRO)
(816) 889-3400 
Patients who live in Missouri should contact this agency to become connected to a support coordinator and further assessment for Department of Mental Health Waivers

(816) 363-2000
Jackson County, MO

CDDO Johnson County
(913) 826-2600

CDDO Wyandotte County
(913) 573-5502

Missouri Waivers

Kansas Waivers

Center For Human Services
(660) 826-4400
Service coordination for Clay, Jackson, and Platte County

Children's Resource Connection
(316) 721-1945 
Entry point for TA Waiver in KS

Riverside Resources, Inc
(913) 651-6810
CDDO in Leavenworth County, KS

Cottonwood, Inc
(785) 842-0550
CDDO in Douglas County, KS

Tri-Ko, Inc
(913) 755-3025
CDDO in Miami County, KS

Platte County Board of Services
(816) 891-0990


(816) 751-7700
Assessment and device ordering

Kansas Assistive Technology-Northeast Site
(785) 267-1717
See/try devices, get help funding a device, get a refurbished device, assessment

Missouri Assistive Technology
(816) 655-6700
See/try devices, loan program, last resort funding for children

Talk to your waiver or CDDO case manager for funding supports/insurance appeals.


The Morgan Project
(321) 506-2707
Donated items that are available for cost of shipping or pick up

Oley Foundation
1 (800) 776-OLEY
Donated supplies including enteral formula, pumps, and tubing

Kansas Assistive Technology-Northeast Site
(785) 267-1717
Refurbished equipment

Chuck's Mobility
(913) 859-0290 or (816) 525-2205
Rentals/pre-owned items

Accessibility Medical Equipment
1 (866) 201-3829
Refurbished, low cost equipment

Missouri Assistive Technology
(816) 655-6700
Equipment loan program, Show Me Loan, recycling program for DME

180 Medical
(877) 688-2729
Urological supplies

Alterna Care
(913) 906-9260
Enteral supplies

American Home Patient
(816) 241-4141
Enteral, respiratory, and mobility supplies

(888) 492-7742
Respiratory supplies

Apria Refresh Enteral
(844) 260-1788
Enteral supplies

Byram HealthCare
(877) 902-9726
Wound care & urological supplies

Cherub Medical
(913) 227-0440
Enteral, respiratory, and urological supplies

Children's Home Care
(816) 895-5000 
Enteral, respiratory, wound care, and urological supplies

Children's Medical Services
(417) 882-9440
Enteral, wound care, and urological supplies

Clock Medical Supply
(800) 362-1314
Enteral, wound care, and urological supplies

Coram Specialty Infusion
(800) 925-9800
Enteral supplies

Cork Medical
(866) 551-2580
Hospital beds and specialty mattresses

Criticare Home Health
(785) 749-4878
Enteral, respiratory, and mobility supplies

Daily Living
(573) 581-9700
Enteral & urological supplies

Doctor’s Equipment
(816) 523-6644
Urological and mobility equipment

Edgepark Medical
(800) 321-0591 
Enteral, wound care, and urological supplies

First Choice Health
(417) 673-8090
Urological supplies

Georgetown Pharmacy
(913) 362-0313
Urological supplies

(800) 367-8360
Urological supplies

Heartland Medical Equipment
(800) 332-1463
Respiratory and mobility equipment

Home Choice Partners (Bioscript)
(877) 509-1214
Enteral supplies

(816) 224-0202
Enteral, respiratory, and mobility equipment

(866) 356-4997 Option 1
Enteral and respiratory supplies

Midwest Respiratory Care
(913) 888-0477
Respiratory and home modifications

(816) 761-2526
Urological and mobility equipment

Option Care
(913) 599-3745
Enteral, respiratory, and mobility equipment

Provider Plus Inc
(913) 492-4548;
Enteral, respiratory, and adaptive equipment

Randolph Seating & Mobility
(816) 364-4357
Mobility equipment

Rehab Specialty Medical
(573) 659-0630
Enteral, respiratory, wound care, urological, and hospital beds

(913) 438-8200
Respiratory and hospital beds

Special Products
(800) 553-3492
Urological supplies

Via Christi
(785) 537-3699
Enteral, respiratory, wound care, urological, and mobility equipment

Wilkinson Pharmacy/DME
(417) 623-7907
Enteral, respiratory, urological, and hospital beds

Consult your insurance companies for referrals or speak to your insurance case manager.

(816) 751-7700
OT, PT, Speech, Communication Device assessments, home assessments, driver's education, will accept Medicaid, Children's Therapeutic Learning Center

Joshua Child & Family Development Center
(816) 763-7605
Counseling, social skills, support groups, camp for children with neurological disorders

Lee Ann Britain Infant Development Center 
(913) 676-2000

Pediatric Therapy Services, Inc
(816) 523-5334
OT, PT, SLT, will accept Medicaid

Play Abilities for Sensational Kids
(913) 213-3531

Children's Therapy Services Inc
(913) 912-2174
OT, PT, SLT, behavioral therapy, social skills, dyslexia intervention, play therapy

The Children's SPOT
(816) 932-3832
PT, OT, SLT, preschool, accepts Medicaid

(913) 620-1007

Children's Mercy Kansas City
(816) 234-3000
OT, PT, SLT, will accept Medicaid

Beyond Function
(913) 515-6298

(913) 345-1997

Therapy in Motion
(816) 547-9654

Preferred Physical Therapy
(866) 412-5554

21st Century Therapy
(816) 353-8585
OT, PT, ST, in home, aquatic, hippo, life skills, language enrichment, will accept Medicaid

Advantage Speech Services, Inc
(816) 407-0700
In home general and vital stem

Stephanie Beckner
(913) 579-1809
In home self pay

Billings Speech Pathology Services
(816) 228-8393
PT, OT, ST, apraxia, autism, oral motor, accepts Medicaid, clinic based

Children's Therapy Group
(913) 383-9014
Clinic and in home,OT, PT, ST, sensory integration, therapeutic listening, autism

Clay County Public Health Department
(816) 595-4307
OT, PT, ST, Clay County residents only, accepts Medicaid, clinic based

First Steps
1 (866) 583-2392 
All Missouri residents, home based, PT, OT, ST, accepts Medicaid

Leavenworth County Infant Toddler Services Southeast KS Education Service Center USD #609
(913) 250-1111
Home based, PT, OT, ST, accepts Medicaid

Wyandotte County Infant-Toddler Services
(913) 627-5500
Home based, PT, OT, ST, accepts Medicaid

Infant Toddler Services of Johnson County
(913) 432-2900
Home based, PT, OT, ST, accepts Medicaid

Tiny-k Early Intervention-Douglas County
(785) 843-3059
Home based, PT, OT, ST, accepts Medicaid

Lakemary Infant-Toddler Lakemary Center: Miami county
(913) 294-4343
Home based, PT, OT, ST, accepts Medicaid

Gretchen Fischer
(913) 486-2299
Clinic based self-pay,ST

Kansas City Developmental Therapies
(816) 769-3558
OT, ST, social groups, autism

Marian Hope Center
(816) 695-1255
Accepts Medicaid, clinic based, OT, PT, ST, specialty groups, handwriting, feeding, language enrichment, play groups, music therapy, reading

Outreach Therapies
(816) 588-3782
Clinic based and in home, accepts Medicaid, OT, PT, ST

Positioned to Learn
(913) 339-6109
In home self pay, ST

Paragon Speech Services
(816) 228-4310
In home and preschool, accepts Medicaid, pediatric feeding, swallowing, apraxia, ST

Premier Consulting
(816) 363-2052
In home and preschool for MO, general, autism, special skills group

Patricia Reiss
(913) 832-7925
In home, in private school, Johnson County KS and Clay/Platte MO, ST, feeding, autism, motor speech disorders

Sara Reieford
(913) 915-3135
In home ages 0-5, ST, apraxia, articulation and language

Therapeutic Living Solutions
(913) 829-7775
In home and preschool, accepts Medicaid, OT

Easterseals Midwest
(816) 476-4011
Autism supports/ABA, preschool, home visiting

Autism Speaks
(314) 989-1003
Directory for ABA therapies

Truman Medical Center-Lakewood
(816) 404-9362
Accepts Medicaid, clinic based, OT, PT, ST

Lawrence Therapy Services
(785) 505-5000
Clinic based, ST, OT, PT

University of Kansas Medical Center
(913) 588-5937
Clinic based, accepts Medicaid, OT, PT, ST

Your child must have a waiver in KS to access funding for in home supports or have Medicaid in MO. Private insurance often does not pay for in home supports.

Bureau of Special Healthcare Needs
(816) 350-5422
If you have MO HealthNet, must call this agency for an intake for in home supports. This program provides health care support services, service coordination, for children and adults with special healthcare needs who meet eligibility requirements. Programs Include: Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs, Family Partnership, Healthy Children & Youth, Medically Fragile Adult Waiver, and Adult Brain Injury.

Advantage Nursing Services
(866) 383-3535

Advocate/Advocare Home Specialty Care
(785) 456-8910
Northeast KS counties

All About You Health Services
(816) 260-9165

Assured Health Care
(816) 415-8200

Care Staff Home Care
(913) 498-2888 or (816) 268-6999
KC metro area

Bayada Home Health Care
(816) 254-0781

Carousel Palliative Care and Hospice
(816) 363-2600
KC metro area

Courageous Home Care
(816) 699-2352
KC metro area

Craig Home Care
(785) 232-8221 or (816) 903-4022

First Stat Nursing
(913) 451-5900
KC metro

Help At Home
(816) 756-111
MO and Johnson County KS, home health aids only

Helpers Inc
(913) 322-7212
KCKS area, home health aids only

Hyatt Home Health Care
(816) 283-3200
Personal care aides only

Integrity Home Care
(816) 254-3131

MHS Home Health
(816) 523-3333 or (913) 663-9930
KS & MO, home health aides only

Maxim Home Health
(913) 381-8233

Oxford Health Care
(417) 883-7500
southern MO

Phoenix Home Care
(816) 373-7442
Johnson County KS & MO

Sunshine Home Health Care
(913) 724-7500
KS, skilled nursing visits

Children's Mercy Home Care
(816) 701-4300
Skilled nursing

Talk to your medical provider to learn how your natural supports can be trained to meet your child's medical needs.

Grace Church SOAR Special Needs Ministry
(913) 814-7223

BREATHE KS Archdiocese Special Needs Ministry
(913) 647-3054

Matthew's Ministry
(417) 825-8137

Journey Bible Church Special Connections
(913) 764-8280

Speak to your waiver support coordinator about annual respite care hours that may be available.

Call local nursing schools for out of pocket childcare options. Some local options include:

Rewarding Work
1 (866) 212-9675
Search engine for Kansans to locate personal care attendants and respite support

Affordable Care Act
1 (800) 318-2596
Public marketplace

MO Healthnet
(855) 373-4636
MO Medicaid

(800) 792-4884
KS Medicaid

Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) Program
(573) 751-2005
Program that pays private health insurance premiums for those who have Medicaid in Missouri

Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) Program
1 (800) 967-4660
Program that pays private health insurance premiums for those who have Medicaid in Kansas

If you are uninsured or underinsured, some clinics offer sliding scale fees. Visit our Find an Adult Care Doctor page and select primary care PDF for clinics.

Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) Program for Military Families who have Tricare
1 (888) 958-7347
Provides financial assistance to beneficiaries with special needs

MO Dept of Insurance
1 (800) 726-7390
Helps consumers resolve insurance complaints, investigates violations, and provides insurance education and outreach

KS Dept of Insurance
(800) 432-2484 
Helps consumers resolve insurance complaints, investigates violations, and provides insurance education and outreach

Metropolitan Organization to Combat Sexual Abuse (MOCSA)
(816) 531-0233
Advocacy and counseling for sexual abuse survivors

National Parent Helpline
1 (855) 427-2736

Information on Applied Behavior Analysis through Autism Speaks
(888) 288-4762

Child & Family Mental Health Services at Children's Mercy
(816) 760-8881

Developmental and Behavioral Health at Children's Mercy
(816) 234-3674

KU Medical Center Center for Child Health & Development
(913) 588-6300

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network 

The Family Conservancy
(913) 742-4357

Turning Point
(913) 574-0900

Missouri Department of Mental Health
Search for local community mental health centers by county

Association of CMHCs of Kansas, Inc
Map of local community mental health centers by county

Keeler Women's Center
(913) 906-8990
Counseling, massages, ESL classes, women's groups

Psychology Today
Search engine to find a local therapist

(913) 557-4000
Outpatient therapy for emotional regulation, social interactions, impulse control, obsessive thoughts/behaviors, anger management, and grief. Therapy for children or adults with ID and mental health concerns

Compassionate Friends
(877) 969-0010
Support groups and educational info for families who have lost a child at any age

Please visit our Finding an Adult Care Doctor page for lists of adult specialty providers. It is also advised that you contact your insurance for referrals. Ask your current providers whom they would recommend for adult care.

Community Health Centers
Centers provide health and dental care to people of all ages whether or not they have health insurance or money to pay for care.


Financial assistance

Always check first with your waiver support coordinators as funding is available through many of the waivers for modifications. Modifications can be costly so, in addition to funding resources listed below, consider community supports or fundraising too is possible.

The Whole Person
(816) 561-0304
Home assessments, ramp construction, minor home mods

Variety KC
(913) 558-2309
Funding for adaptive equipment

United Healthcare Children's Foundation
1 (855) 698-4223
Funding for children who have commercial insurance as primary

First Hand Foundation 
(816) 201-1569
Funding for DME, travel, vehicle lifts, and other healthcare costs

Kansas Assistive Technology-Northeast Site
(785) 267-1717
Assessments, environmental and vehicle modifications

We Have Today
(928) 243-2499
Financial assistance for children with life limiting conditions

Christmas in October
(816) 531-6443
Home rehab services limited times throughout the year

Eudora United Methodist Church
(785) 542-3200
Minor ramp building in Lawrence, KS

Hope Builders
1 (888) 467-3001
Free/discounted home repair and accessibility modifications in KC metro.

Metropolitan Lutheran Ministries
(816) 931-0027
Assists with access issues and minor home repairs for low income homeowners in KC metro

Northland Neighborhoods
(816) 454-2000
Home repair in Clay and Platte counties in MO

Rebuilding Together
(816) 781-8985 or (913) 248-2802
Home rehab and modification for low income home owners

Redemptorist Social Services Center
(816) 931-9942
Minor home modifications, assists different zip codes each week

Union Local 249
(816) 454-6333
Free labor to install ramps and writes grants to help fund supplies. Contact Kim Rowland for more info at 816-805-4807.

West Central Independent Living Solutions
(660) 829-1980
Lafayette County MO, minor home modifications

Special Healthcare Needs-KS
(913) 573-8863 or (913) 249-2431
Allows for specific requests for financial support of medical equipment, specialized care, education, or other needed items that can improve health status, function, or quality of life

Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs Program MO
(816) 513-6143
Limited funding for medically necessary diagnostic and tx services/DME

Chive Charities
Funding for DME, home and vehicle mods for people with rare medical conditions

HeRO Program-Home Repair Opportunity Program
(816) 759-6600
Funding for home repair and modifications for rural MO

The Kansas Society for Children with Challenges
(316) 262-4676
Funding for DME, home and vehicle mods

1 (866) 465-2826
Low interest loans for assistive technology in KS

Show Me Loans
1 (800) 647-8557
Low interest loans for assistive technology in MO

Midwest Special Needs Trust 
(573) 256-5055
Grant funding for services or equipment not covered by insurance

Missouri Cattleman's Association Children's Fund
(816) 271-7200
Provides up to $500 matching funds in MO

Open Options
(816) 531-4454
DME, wheelchair lifts, and vehicle adaptations

Parenting Children with Special Needs
Equipment funding

Ralph Braun Foundation
1 (800) 488-0359
Gap funds for vehicles

Spina Bifida Association of Greater Kansas City
(816) 277-9087
Funds for medical equipment for children with spina bifida

United Cerebral Palsy
1 (800) 872-5827
Grants may be available to fund assistive technology and vehicle mods for children with cerebral palsy

Love Fund For Children
(816) 932-9170
Requires a social work referral

Friends of Man
(303) 798-2342
Requires a social work referral

Cars for Christmas
Sweepstakes for a new vehicle

Magic Mobility
(732) 397-5056
Connection to local resources for van

The Paisley Mae Foundation
(928) 243-2499
Financial assistance

For emergency assistance resources (ie: food/clothing/utility and housing assistance) please visit Link for Care for database of resources, call United Way 211 at (816) 474-5112 Option 5 for resources in your zip code, or visit our Resources for the Community page and view County Guides.

Kansas WIC Program
(785) 296-1320
List of local health depts where you can go to apply for WIC

Missouri WIC Program
(800) 392-8209
Locations, income guidelines, FAQs

RareCare Program through National Organization for Rare Disorders
1 (800) 999-6673
Medication, financial assistance with insurance premiums and copays, diagnostic testing assistance, and travel assistance for clinical trials or consultation with disease specialists

Rx Assist
Directory of patient assistance programs run by pharmaceutical companies

Health Well Foundation
(800) 675-8416
Provides financial assistance to cover cost of prescription drug coinsurance, copayments, deductibles, health insurance premiums, and selected out of pocket healthcare costs

Kansas City's Medicine Cabinet
(816) 276-7517
Short term assistance with emergency dental care, diabetic supplies, durable medical equipment, prescriptions, and eyeglasses

Missouri Department of Social Services
1 (855) 373-4636
Find local family support division centers and info on how to apply for TANF, food stamps, childcare assistance, and child support

Kansas Department of Children and Families
1 (833) 765-2003
Find local family support division centers and info on how to apply for TANF, food stamps, childcare assistance, and child support

KS Low Income Energy Assistance Program
1 (800) 432-0043
One time per year paying portion of home energy costs/application period January-March

MO Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
1 (855) 373-4636
One time payment for primary heating bill November-March or energy crisis intervention program year round with limited amounts

Economic Relief Pilot Program through Salvation Army
(816) 756-5392
Missouri customers only

If your child relies on life-saving durable medical equipment that requires electricity, you are also eligible for medical customer/life support/medically fragile programs through your energy company. Please note these programs will NOT prevent disconnect if you have an overdue bill, however being a part of these programs may grant you a temporary extension before disconnect and will definitely put you on a priority list to be re-connected in the event of a power outage. Call your energy company to learn how to become apart of that program.

MO Inclusive Housing Development Corporation
1 (855) 444-5100
Provides info on accessible and affordable housing

MO Housing Development Commission
(816) 759-6600 or (314) 877-1350
Coordinates grants and low cost loans for affordable housing and home repairs

Keep Swimming Foundation
(262) 264-8881
Financial assistance for those whose family member has had extended hospitalization

Northwestern Mutual
(913) 748-0660
Financial planner/free consults

Kansas ABLE Savings Plan 
1 (888) 609-8919

1 (800) 439-1653

Midwest Special Needs Trust
(573) 256-5055
Administers special needs trusts

Academy of Special Needs Planners
(866) 296-5509
Articles on special needs topic, directory of special needs planners

(888) 815-8016
Financial counseling and connection to local financial resources

Talk to your bank to see if they have a special needs planning center.

Parenting Children with Special Needs 
Santa's Miracle Application, lifetime program

Santa's Little Hackers
Adapted toy

Call United Way 211 (816) 474-5112, Option 5 to learn about other holiday assistance programs in your area.


County resource guides