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Healthy Home Rating System

The Healthy Homes Rating System course is based upon the successful Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) developed for the United Kingdom (UK) that has become the prescribed method for evaluating risks posed to residents from conditions found in the home. The HHRS follows the same qualitative approach to identifying health and safety hazards in the home as the UK's HHSR, using a risk-assessment methodology. The HHRS is a system, not a standard, that rates hazards for their potential to harm residents and enables those risks to be removed or minimized.

Participants may attend one or two days (second day is optional).

Target audiences 

This specialized course is primarily intended for HUD Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Home grantees. The information presented provides an excellent introduction to housing hazard analysis and rating. For this reason, anyone with a public health or housing background may benefit. To obtain maximum benefit from the course it is recommended that attendees have some knowledge of general housing design and construction. Prior participation in both the National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) training course, Essentials for Healthy Home Practitioners and the Home Assessment Principles and Practices course is also of particular benefit to students enrolling in this training course.

What you’ll learn


  • Understand how to translate deficiencies into hazards.

  • Know how to determine likelihood and spread of harm scores.

  • Know how to calculate a hazard score and determine the hazard band.


Registration includes the course manual

Please contact Erica Forrest at (816) 960-8919 for more information and the registration fee for the Healthy Home Rating System course.