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The Center for Environmental Health at Children’s Mercy is a nationally recognized program providing environmental health consulting, patient case management, research, education, training, and analytical services. Our team aims to help improve and advocate for the health of individuals with environmentally triggered illnesses. 

Healthy Home Program

The Healthy Home Program is a partnership between our staff, your healthcare provider, and you to help identify and reduce environmental exposures that may cause or worsen respiratory health problems within your the home. 

Our Healthy Home Assessments Include:

  • Healthy home visual assessment

  • General indoor air quality checkup

  • Moisture assessment

  • Dust and allergens assessment

  • Safety and injury prevention checkup

  • Household product use and storage

  • Recommendations for improving your home environment and health

Safe and Healthy Childcare Program

The Safe and Healthy Childcare Program provides indoor environmental health education, training, and assessment services to home-based childcare providers throughout the Kansas City area.  

The goal of the Safe and Healthy Childcare Program is to help reduce the following factors that can impact the lives of children:

  • New cases of asthma

  • Health care burdens associated with pediatric asthma

  • Environmental factors

  • Hazardous conditions 

Safe and Healthy School Partnership Program

The Safe and Healthy School Partnership Program believes Healthy Schools = Healthy, High Performing Kids! We are here to assist your school district to develop a long-term, sustainable plan to help improve and manage the indoor environmental conditions in your schools. 

As a Partner Your District Has an Opportunity to Receive:

  • Asthma and indoor environmental health education for your school district staff members.

  • Safe and Healthy School Specialist and Building Assessment Training for building teams.

  • Facility visual assessment using our Healthy School Environmental Rating System.

  • Additional safe and healthy school resources

  • Childcare Health Education

  • Childcare Healthy Home Assessments

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